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Young Adults Carers' day trip to Brighton

Our Young Adults Carers day trip to Brighton was to celebrate being able to get back together after a long period of social isolation. The Young Adult (18-25) have experienced many challenges over the past 18 months from an increase in their caring role to managing college and employment. The day trip was an opportunity away from their caring role where we were able to treat them to activities and fish & chips at the beach! We firstly visited the Upside Down House which got their creative juices flowing for some good photo opportunities. After lunch we tested their stomach on the Brighton Pier rides which they thoroughly enjoyed.

“Thank you for today – the upside down house made me a bit dizzy but it was funny looking at the photos”

“I had a really great day, thank you for organising it. I’m glad it was on a Thursday as that’s my only day off from caring and working.”

“It was really fun today. I haven’t been on Brighton Pier rides before so glad I got the chance.”

Shine is a service within Carers Support West Sussex dedicated to providing support to 18 – 25-year olds looking after a family member or friend who depends on that help. Does this sound like you or someone you know?

There are so many benefits to joining Shine, such as help with gaining employment, training, funding for mobile data or sports equipment or simply providing a base to socialise and someone to talk to in confidence.

 Find out more about the Shine service for young adult carers here.