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The Joy Club: offers older unpaid carers free lifetime membership

Older unpaid carers are being given the opportunity to enjoy unlimited free membership to a website that facilitates social interaction and supports its members’ mental and physical wellbeing. 

The Joy Club - a venture with a social mission to improve healthy life expectancy by removing budget as a barrier to an active, engaged and connected later life - has announced today [Monday 29 March, 2021] that it’s making its membership available to unpaid carers across the UK through carers charities and organisations.

Unpaid carers aged 65 and over can now benefit from free lifetime membership of The Joy Club - normally £5 a month - giving them access to a variety of activities, events and product discounts. Activities available to members include a choir, creative writing masterclasses, virtual art lessons, yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi classes, as well as regular talks from experts and fellow members. All activities and products can be enjoyed either at home or online, making The Joy Club ideally suited to those who are housebound due to caring responsibilities.

The offer could benefit up to 1.3 million carers aged 65 and over in England and Wales alone, plus an estimated additional 167,000 in Scotland. The Joy Club’s Founder CEO, Hannah Thomson, commented that she took the decision to make membership free to any carer over the age of 65 in honour of her late grandmother, who was the inspiration behind the company:

“My journey to create The Joy Club was inspired by my granny - who was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago - and by my grandpa who cared for her.

“My grandpa was always looking for ways to stay active, engaged and connected from home while caring for my granny. In some ways, he was living in 'lockdown' before the coronavirus had even appeared on the horizon.

“As an acknowledgement of that experience - and as a tribute to my granny, who I sadly lost last year - I’ve decided to make membership to The Joy Club free for all carers.”

The number of older carers is increasing more rapidly than the general carer population. Between 2001 and 2015, the number of older carers rose by 35 per cent, compared to an 11 per cent increase across the total number of carers.

Free lifetime membership of The Joy Club is available to UK-based carers aged 65 or over who have access to the Internet at home. Carers interested in taking advantage of free lifetime membership of The Joy Club should contact Carers Support obtain their unique access code.