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West Sussex Carers Emergency Alert Card

The Carers Emergency Alert Card has proved invaluable to many people over the years; ensuring that should a family and friend carer be unable to provide the vital assistance needed due to unforeseen circumstances, there is someone at the end of a phone to arrange alternative care for the person they are looking after.

The monitoring centre was contacted earlier this year, by Mrs A, a woman who provides care for both her mother and father. After an injury sustained at home Mrs A’s mother needed to be taken to the local Accident & Emergency unit for attention. This caused her a dilemma. How was she going to take her mum to hospital and still look after dad?

The answer was provided by the free Carers Emergency Alert Card Mrs A had registered with some time ago. Being just the size of a credit card with a unique registration number and a 24- hour contact telephone number, it fits easily into a purse or wallet.

Mrs A phoned the local telephone number printed on her emergency alert card, gave the operator the unique identity number and explained her dilemma. The operator immediately got in touch with TuVida, the company contracted to provide emergency respite care in West Sussex, who provided the temporary support needed by Mrs A’s father whilst she was with her mother at A&E.

In June Mr S fell outside of a supermarket whilst on a shopping trip. Fortunately, there were people there to help him and after checking him over the supermarket’s first aiders called for an ambulance to take Mr S to hospital.

While he was waiting for the ambulance to arrive Mr S told the shop staff that he was a carer for his wife and gave one of them his Carer’s Emergency Alert Card. He asked if they could call the phone number on the card and tell the call centre operator what had happened. The call centre operator was then able to get in touch with his emergency contacts, so that support was put in place for his wife.

If you care for someone in West Sussex and worry about what would happen to them should something unexpected happen to you then you should think about getting a Carers Emergency Alert Card. It is easy to register for your free card by completing the on-line form which can be found by searching for: