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912, 2019

CES has received enquiries for equipment that will support people with vision impairments. We do not believe we are qualified to advise on this and would suggest you direct any carer who makes such an enquiry, to 4Sight for advice and guidance.

The following article has been prepared for us by […]

2611, 2019

CRM Update 26.11.19

Roger Bateman is pleased to confirm that we have now signed on the dotted line (thank you Sonia) and the project is now officially underway with Cloud9. We had our project kick-off meeting with them they have assigned their internal resources and provided a schedule to completion. They have created […]

3110, 2019

Alcohol Awareness Week

Look out for Alcohol  Awareness week, 11th-19th November.

 Our Drugs and Alcohol Carer Wellbeing Workers, Kelly and Iona, and our great volunteers,  will be out and about in the community and in our offices.  Keep an eye out for beer goggles to try and simple checks for you to use for […]

2910, 2019

CRM Update

Following last month’s engagement with Cloud 9, our preferred solution provider, we have all but completed the follow up work to refine the specification, agree a price and sign the contract. It has taken Rachael and I several iterations to agree the specification. Subject to Steering Committe sign-off on the […]

Staff Forum

Here you have the opportunity to raise anything you feel the new Staff Forum should be discussing.  You can do this anonymously if you wish.