Roger Bateman is pleased to confirm that we have now signed on the dotted line (thank you Sonia) and the project is now officially underway with Cloud9. We had our project kick-off meeting with them they have assigned their internal resources and provided a schedule to completion. They have created a collaboration web-site (which they refer to as their “Portal”) where we will all share project information. We are now in the process of planning our own internal project launch.

Cloud 9 will develop the CRM in two main tranches of work – the structural and the functional phases – with CSWS checking and testing after each phase, with an anticipated completion around mid-end Jan before we can start broader testing and training.

The project is internally resourced around a core delivery team (Roger Bateman, Vanessa Hasted, Rachael Swann, Bernie Butler, Parbin Nehar and Christine Virginie), with a team of IT Super Users who will help train and support the solution. Project governance is handled through a Steering Committee made up of Trustees, Managers and some of the core team.

We are all looking forward to moving the project forward and we’ll keep you abreast of progress as we go. Should you have any questions please contact Roger in the first instance but anyone in the core team will be happy to help.


CRM Update