Recent outcomes

We reached Stage 2 of the The Postcode Community Trust applications scheme and have now submitted an application for £5,255 for PAPA workshops and CHAT. We should hear an outcome of this application in May.

We secured £750 from The Sussex Crisis Fund at The Sussex Community Foundation which we can put towards equipment or new services due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

A pipeline of around 40-50 charitable trust and foundations has been created who will provide funding for core costs. This list is attached and will be a great resource to approach funders with a case for support.

A case for support has been written to approach these funders who will provide donations for core costs and we will start to send out these applications to funders.

A more streamlined process is currently being developed to track progress on existing grants secured so that we can update and then apply again to funders in a more timely process.

Obstacles/issues in period

Main obstacle has been having to pause applications for particular projects due to Covid-19. Applications that have been submitted to funders may be postponed and we have had to shift process. We have though quickly focused on emergency funding and securing funds for core costs.

Many funders such as the Martin Lewis Grant scheme and Charities Aid Foundation closed applications very early. Luckily we submitted applications to these on time and we are constantly monitoring new opportunities.

COVID-19 applications

Covid-19 applications has been the main focus in recent weeks and we have submitted applications to The Coronavirus Emergency Fund (Martin Lewis Fund), CAF Coronavirus Emergency Fund, Neighbourly and The Sussex Crisis Fund. We have secured £750 from the Sussex Crisis Fund and other applications are still pending.

We are keeping an eye on other potential opportunities such as Barclays, Tesco Bags of Help for other potential funding.

Current priorities

Focus for the time-being will be emergency funding applications and securing income for our core costs. In addition, planning for future income such as replacing funding from Macmillan and commencing applications to The Garfield Weston Foundation and The National Lottery Community Fund will be a priority.

In addition, supporting the new CRM and working to ensure that we are more focused on updating and improving our relationships with existing funders which is important at this current time.