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We involve and welcome volunteers from all areas of the community and levels of expertise and skills. The main skill we look for is the ability to listen and have empathy. An understanding of the issues that carers face is always an advantage but not essential. All our volunteers have an induction into Carers Support West Sussex that covers our vision, values and how we support carers.

What we offer to our volunteers

  • Induction training prior to starting in your role
  • On-going role related training from our in-house training programme and/or external agencies
  • An allocated volunteer mentor to guide you in your role, which includes regular reviews for a chance for feedback, continued development and support. (For counselling roles – clinical supervision arrangements are provided)
  • Regular volunteer team meetings and an annual social event (optional)
  • Reimburse any expenses directly related to your time volunteering with CSWS
  • Provide insurance cover for you whilst you are undertaking any duties as a volunteer
  • Have your voice heard and your contribution valued as part of a growing team within CSWS

Volunteer roles

Carer Equipment Service Technology Volunteer

You will be supporting carers who have received equipment which has been supplied by our Carer Equipment Service. Some carers are in need of a little advice and guidance on how to install, set up, or use the equipment that has been provided. Cont...

26 July 2021

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Counselling Placements

We offer counselling placements supporting our carers with counselling sessions through the emotional wellbeing service. To apply for a placement we require that you have undertaken at least one year of theoretical and practical counselling study ...

19 July 2021

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Virtual Support Groups – Zoom Tech Support

CSWS runs monthly online carer groups and workshops for its carers, offering them the opportunity to share their stories and talk to a wellbeing worker for further support and information. Since the pandemic these groups have moved to being held o...

29 June 2021

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The Crawley Community Shop – Shop Assistant

The Crawley Community Shop is organised and run by a management committee supporting several charities that operate in the Crawley area. The shop is manned by a team of trustees and volunteers, enabling local charities and community groups to rais...

29 June 2021

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Carer Discount Card - Business Engagement Volunteer

Role Details Carers Support West Sussex and local businesses in West Sussex have formed an exciting partnership to offer family and friend carers in the county a range of exclusive offers and discounts. The Carer Discount Card offers businesses an...

10 June 2021

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Digital Champion

Role Details The “Digital Champion” is part of our Connecting Carers Service to connect carers socially and digitally. We will match you with a carer who needs some support to enable them to benefit from the digital world. If you are the go to per...

18 December 2020

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Read our Volunteer Stories below to find out more about volunteering

Volunteer story: Judith

Meet Judith, a volunteer for our Drug and Alcohol Team. Having someone in the family (or a friend) with substance or alcohol issues can have a devastating affect. Working with fantastic volunteers like Judith, Carers Support provide practical, fin...

07 June 2020

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Volunteer story: Annie

At present I co-facilitate mental health carers groups, and in the past I’ve also helped with drop-in sessions for carers (with patients on wards at a local mental health unit). I’ve also attended Community hubs to provide information about Carers...

06 June 2020

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Volunteer story: Lorna

Lorna started at Carers Support West Sussex (CSWS) as a Co-facilitator volunteer at two of our Dementia Groups, and admin support for our volunteer programme. Through the supportive and nurturing environment at CSWS, Lorna progressed to a part tim...

05 June 2020

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Volunteer story: Gloria

I have only been volunteering for a few months. The help I got myself from Carers Support left quite a mark for their kindness and understanding, therefore it was just a matter of conscience for me to want to do something for others. But I have be...

04 June 2020

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Volunteer story: Rosemary

I volunteer for two groups, one in Beeding near Steyning which is a carers group for dementia support and the other in Storrington which is an open group. I have been with the Beeding group for about two years where we have had three different gro...

03 June 2020

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Why is volunteering important?

As well as helping others, volunteering has been shown to improve volunteers’ wellbeing too. It’s human nature to feel good after helping someone out. Volunteering can also help you gain valuable new skills and experiences, and boost your confiden...

03 June 2020

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Volunteer story: Josephine

Although l haven’t been a volunteer for long, Wendy and Mandy whom l meet at Dove Lodge in Littlehampton were very friendly and helpful. Unfortunately the very week l had my first meeting, the dreaded virus reared its ugly head, everything was can...

02 June 2020

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Volunteer story: Karin

I have been volunteering for Carers Support West Sussex for around two and a half years: first in the Crawley office and now as a Community Liaison volunteer. I cared for my Mum, who had vascular dementia, for just over four years. It was during t...

01 June 2020

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Volunteering with Carers Support West Sussex has changed my life

I started with CSWS in May 2016 helping at Coastal walking group and the open groups in Littlehampton and Worthing as well as doing 4 hours of call-backs a week. I was then asked if I would also do the Men’s group and then later the My Future grou...

28 May 2019

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The voice of a volunteer

Annie has been volunteering for Carers Support West Sussex for almost a decade. She’s been co-facilitating support groups for most of that time but has also given talks to carers of people with mental health issues. Like many of the volunteers a...

06 July 2016

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