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June 1st – 7th is Volunteers Week, an annual celebration of the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering. Visit our Volunteers Week page here.

This week’s duty manager

This week’s duty manager is Vanessa Hasted. Her number is 07900 742024 both for calls or texts if you have any queries, concerns or issues.

  • Please continue to look after yourself by:
    • Taking all your normal breaks – and additional ones if needed.
    • Talk to your line manager if things that ‘worked’ in supporting remote working at the start of lockdown aren’t as effective any more.
    • Consider making use of our employee assistance programme if you’d like to discuss issues or concerns with someone outside of work.
Visit the Volunteer Resource Centre

News Feed

1806, 2020

June CRM Updates

Access to the current Access Database will be restricted from 5pm on Friday 3rd July so we can move the data over from the old system to the new. There will be no Response Line or Hospital Service activity over that weekend. We will announce these closures via social media […]

2805, 2020

Carers Week Staff Rota

Your support please

In order to ensure the comfort of our carers and the facilitators, we would be grateful if we could receive support for these online events from staff and volunteers please. The support will be quite good fun, because essentially, you are attending the course. We just ask that […]

2805, 2020

May CRM Updates

The projects progress over the past month has moved at a steady pace, with emphasis on repeated testing and checking to ensure the system is compliant with our services offered. This has proved to be a feat of endurance for the team, as we have moulded the system in to […]

2605, 2020

Making Caring Visible and Shining a Light on Family and Friend Carers Across West Sussex

Every Thursday evening, we stand on our doorsteps and make some noise.

At first, we were clapping for the NHS, then we added in key workers, shopworkers, posties, delivery drivers, each other and now we are just clapping to be alive.

There is something very visible about that many people clapping, banging […]

Staff Forum

Here you have the opportunity to raise anything you feel the new Staff Forum should be discussing.  You can do this anonymously if you wish.