Val is running for Carers Support at Run Gatwick on the 13th May and cares for her daughter Stella.

Val and Stella

Val at the Horsham Parkrun

“I’ve always tried to look after my health and to stay fit as I need to be able to look after Stella who is learning disabled, blind and has several other physical disabilities. For 20 years I did a weekly aerobics class until I tried running last year in order to do the Race For Life.

I found it so hard!!!! But my sister encouraged me to try parkrun and I got the bug! When I’m running I’m focused on my breathing, technique etc and the world around me, but not everyday stuff so it’s it’s really good for getting time out and “headspace”.  I can fit it around my caring role and I often go straight out for a run as soon as Stella has gone off on her bus to the day centre in the morning.

I feel I have so much more stamina now than ever before and it’s great having the energy to run around after my two little grandsons; I always used to get tired easily. “


If you’d like to know more about how you can support Carers Support and Run Gatwick, click here.

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