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Young Adult Carers

Are you caring for a relative, partner
or friend who is unwell
or disabled?

We're here
to help.





Social Life



Shine supports 18–25 year olds looking after a
family member or friend who depends on that help.
Does this sound like you or someone you know?

What you do is so important, but it doesn’t need to stop you achieving things for yourself as well. Shine is here to help you achieve your dreams and aspirations too!

Shine can help you find employment, training, even funding for mobile data or sports equipment. If you need to speak to someone in confidence about how tough it can be, we can help.

We can introduce you to other young carers - you could make some friends who do what you do!

Our services have been designed
for and around you.

Shine is here to help you. We know that everyone’s situation is different so we’ve tailored all our services to give you the support you need, whether it’s a friendly face, you need help at college or Uni or you’re ready to get a job. We’re here for you!

Let's Get Started!

Call us on 0300 028 8888
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Its nice to find out about
other young adults
like myself

It was such a relief that
i was being listened to
and something was
being done.

Need a friendly chat?

If you're feeling isolated or lonely, we can introduce you to other young people who are caring for someone and going through the same things as you. You may even make a friend

We also have online groups you can join, when we talk about whatever you want! Things like:

  • Making and maintaining relationships and friendships
  • Work and education
  • Time out from your caring role
  • As well as video games, TV, films and books

Do you need...

Mobile Phone Credit?

Sports Equipment?

Driving lessons?!

Register with Shine and you could apply for a health & wellbeing grant to pay for some of these things

Register below and find out
how we can help

By submitting this form you are consenting to Carers Support West Sussex having your information in order to reply to your message.

Are things getting
on top of you?

Caring for someone who can’t take care of themselves can be amazing and tough at the same time!

You might feel joyful sometimes, confused and lonely at other times – and there are no doubt times when you feel overwhelmed with responsibility.

We do understand the pressures and we have set up a young persons’ counselling service.

So, if you want to talk to someone privately, Contact Us!

Call us

0300 028 8888

Need a confidence

No one is born with confidence; it is a skill learnt over time and through experience.

We can help you learn how to build your confidence and assertiveness - skills which will help throughout life in so many ways: from being heard when speaking
to healthcare professionals to
getting that job you want!

Making a referral?

You may be a professional or worried about someone you know who is in a caring role.

Please contact us with the carer's:

  • Full name
  • Age/DOB
  • Address
  • Personal email or mobile

You will need to confirm that they know you are speaking to us and they are happy for us to contact them