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Carer Equipment Service West Sussex

As a registered Carer, you gain access to a wide range of carers equipment and assistive technology, designed to support you in your caring role.

Our dedicated team conducts thorough assessments to identify your specific needs and those of the person you care for, ensuring enhanced independence and peace of mind. Count on us to provide comprehensive support, improving safety and overall well-being. Let us be your partner in this caring journey, offering solutions tailored to your unique requirements, and helping you maintain independence and confidence while caring for your loved ones.

How can Carer assistive technology help me in my caring role?

Are you caring for someone with mobility issues and worried about medication management? A Tipping Frame is the perfect solution for dispensing pills with ease, particularly for individuals with limited strength. Hydration is a significant concern for vulnerable individuals, but a Droplet Intelligent Hydration System serves as a helpful reminder to drink enough fluids.

These aids are designed to overcome challenges, promoting independence and providing valuable assistance for both you and the person you care for. We understand that nights can be especially concerning for Carers, as sleep is often interrupted. To alleviate this worry, our plug-in night light or movement-activated light enables safe movement in the dark, offering you peace of mind and the possibility of a better night's sleep.


Let us support you in your carer journey with these equipment solutions.

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In order for our Response Line team to be able to identify carers equipment that would be best suited to meet your individual needs, they will need details about your caring role and, for some equipment, information on the understanding or mental capacity of the person you care for. They will then complete a Personal Plan and help you choose and access the carers equipment that is right for you and the person you care for. The team are also able to provide a bespoke service to research creative equipment solutions to meet unique requirements.

This is a free service which can fund or part fund your equipment needs. You can apply by clicking the button below which will take you to our form. If you would like to find out about your options, please contact us by either:

  • Calling 0300 028 8888
  • Emailing

Carer Equipment Options Available

Please choose the area below where you would like to explore the types of carers equipment available. If you are not sure, click the button below to fill in our form and query the different equipment options.

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Communication Aids

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Falls Prevention

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Memory Aids

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Eating & Drinking

elderly woman using zimerframe

Mobility Aids

Carers Equipment Enquiry

Please fill in the information below and someone from our team will be in touch soon to discuss what your best options are for equipment

    Comments from Carers

    "I received the GPS Tracker keyring this morning and I just wanted to thank you for organising the purchase of this for me. It makes such a difference knowing that I’m not alone as I walk alongside mum on her journey living with Alzheimer’s. Thank you for what you and your colleagues do to help so many of us."

    Tracey, a Carer who used our Carer Equipment Service

    NEW Telecare/Technology Enabled Care (TEC) service

    Technology Enabled Care allows the one you care for to call for help during emergencies or when feeling unwell or anxious.

    They offer a range of alarms, sensors, and equipment to suit your needs, providing reassurance to you and your family and friends. NRS Healthcare, on behalf of West Sussex County Council and the NHS, offers free installation and equipment for 6 weeks to residents with short-term immediate needs, aiming to avoid hospital admissions or reduce costs.

    For longer-term needs, you may continue to receive the service for free. After the 6-week period, you can choose to keep the service and equipment on a privately paid basis if you prefer to maintain the reassurance and peace of mind it offers to you and your loved ones.

    Private pay customers

    There are TEC services for privately funding Carers who do not fulfil the criteria to have their TEC funded. More information on potential options can be found at West Sussex Telecare, NRS Healthcare and Well-being (Wealden and Eastbourne Lifeline Ltd).

    A new Healthcare App Library

    NRS Healthcare is delighted to introduce a new partnership with the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications (ORCHA) to launch a healthcare app library.

    Service users and their families and Carers can use the digital library to find apps to support them to take control of their health. All the health apps in the library have been assessed for their clinical and digital safety – as out of the hundreds of thousands of apps available in the world – only 20% meet safety guidelines.

    If you are interested in finding an app to help manage a certain health condition, for help to stop smoking or to get fitter, please visit the digital library here.

    If you need assistance to download an App, please do contact us and a referral will be made for one of our Digital Champions to support you.

    *Please note: Some Apps are free to access, others do have a cost.

    How can we best help you?

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