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a child with learning difficulties reading with carer

Carer Equipment Service

From time-to-time, carers find themselves at a loss as to what would help them in their caring situation, and for some, small items of equipment can make a significant difference. On this page, you will find a list of equipment that may provide an innovate solution for your caring role. You can also download a copy of this in PDF form.

Most items are low cost, and you can easily find them by looking at these websites where you will be able to purchase them directly:

If you are interested in applying for the equipment listed on this page or would like further information, please contact us via our helpline or email us.

For other equipment which could help in your caring role, take a look at these suppliers;

If, as part of our conversations with you, we identify that along with other identified needs, a piece of equipment would support you, we will seek to support you through referral to our Carer Assessment Team for a more in-depth conversation and a Preventative Assessment

Communication Aids


Amazon Echo Dot

This is a voice activated device that has many features and skills.
A few examples being:
1. It can be used to set prompts such as taking medication, having a drink of water.
2. It can help you to keep in contact with loved ones by using the device as a phone.
3. You can ask it questions to find out what the weather forecast is, what the traffic situation.

Phone with images of people to help those with dementia

Large Photo Button Phone

These telephones are especially helpful for people with dementia or limited dexterity or cognitive impairments. You can store a telephone number against a familiar face in the photo compartment, then to dial simply press the photo button.

Emergency call pendant

Call Pendant with Plug In Alarms

When the button on the Pendant is pressed, it activates audible alarms that can be plugged in to power sockets around the home to summon support easily.

Mobility Aids


Handy Bar

This equipment is useful to people who need help getting in and out of their cars. It inserts into the U-shaped catch on the car’s door frame.

When in position, the Handy Bar creates a safe, solid support handle to help with standing. The Handy Bar also incorporates a Seat Belt Cutter and Glass Breaker to help leave a vehicle in the event of an accident.

med tipper

Automatic Medication Tipping Frame

Tipping Frame for Pill Dispenser—A tipping frame can be supplied for those people with insufficient strength or limited dexterity to lift and dispense their medication.
The tipping frame comes supplied with a bowl to catch the pills when it is tipped.

Security Aids

Key safe

Key Safe

A key safe is a secure method of externally storing keys to your property. The key safe is secured to the outside of the property and spare keys are simply accessed using a push button combination.

Ring door bell

Video Doorbell

Wireless Video Doorbell with Night Vision and features that let you see, hear, and speak to anyone from your phone or tablet. Answer the door from wherever you are with Two- Way Talk and receive instant notifications when anyone presses your doorbell or when motion is detected.

Falls Prevention


Plug in LED Motion Sensor Night Light with Multiple Lighting Modes

These plug in lights have multiple modes of activation. You can leave them “on” all the time, they can be switched to “motion sensor” mode and only activate when the environment is dark and motion is detected or they can be switched to activate between “dusk and dawn” only.

night light

Plug In Night Light and Combined Torch

This device sits in a charging cradle and is permanently charged by induction charging when left plugged in. The torch automatically turns on if the power fails or if the torch is removed from its charging unit.
The night light comes on if the motion sensor is activated or alternatively it can work as a night light to be left on all the time it is dark and will switch off automatically when it is light.

Memory Aid

Pill dispenser

Medication Dispenser - Large

At the pre-programmed times, the dispenser carousel inside rotates, the alarm signal is heard and the correct dosage appears at the opening in the lid. The carousel is lockable, has a maximum of 6 daily alarms that can be set and has 28 compartments.


Medication Dispenser - Small

The TabTime 4 is a small automatic medication dispenser that has 4 daily audible alarms with a flashing red LED indicator that activates to alert you to take your medication at the correct time

Clock with text

Day & Night Wall Analogue Clock with Text

This clock has a basic analogue design with an image disc that rotates with the hour hand. The image changes depending on the time, showing a blue sky with the sun during the daytime, a dark blue sky with stars and the moon at night.

Additionally, in large letters it says Day, Night and in smaller letters, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night. (Please note this clock is not illuminated).

2in1 clock

2in1 Digital Calendar Clock

This clock is specifically designed for people with memory loss, visual impairment and Dementia. You can easily switch between the clock showing the time (12 & 24 hr) day, month and year or have it display “Now its Saturday Morning”.

magi plug

Magi Plug

Magiplug Sink/Bath/Basin Plug—This is a useful device which helps to prevent the risk of floods and scalds. It has a pressure release mechanism which is automatically activated to help prevent flooding. The plug also incorporates a heat sensitive pad that will change colour when the temperature reaches 36 degrees Celsius.

Key finder

Object Locator/Key Finder

People with memory issues can often mislay items around the home causing frustration. This gadget offers a simplistic solution. Simply attach the object locator (via key ring or velcro) to items such as keys, wallets, and purses.

To find the missing object, press the corresponding label on the labelled remote control to activate the bleeper on the object locator.

Eating & Drinking Aids

One cup pourer

One Cup Hot Water Dispenser

This device dispenses one cup of boiling water at the touch of a button, so you only boil what you need.
Variable dispenser – choose from nine cup sizes – plus manual stop facility for full control.

Monitoring Aids

Baby care monitor

Care Monitor

These two-way communication and monitoring systems allow a carer to see, hear and speak to a person from another room.

*The equipment you receive may differ from the example shown in the image