Jane Brown is our Carer Services Manager for the south of the county.

With carers week almost over the joy I have experienced of seeing family and friend carers from all walks of life enjoying their day has been the best part of carers week for me personally.  Carers Support has helped to organise and host over 40 events across West Sussex from pamper days, visits to local attractions to group meetings with a focus on being “healthy and connected” the theme for this years national carers week.

I have seen carers chatting and laughing, enjoying the scenery and the great outdoors or the view from a venue and it has made me thankful we live in such a beautiful county and have had, on the most part, wonderful weather in sunny Sussex.  There has been copious amounts of coffee drunk, lots of healthy and not so healthy snacks consumed and even some carers having a health MOT or a swim.  Connections have been made with each other, with carers support and partner staff and volunteers and with generous hosts at all of the events.

Most of all individuals have come together with an understanding they have a common purpose, they are all experienced at being a carer: taking people to appointments; arranging meetings with health or social care professionals; cooking; cleaning and other essential chores; arranging medication; and of course listening, caring and giving hugs.  The events have enabled carers to bond, spend time together, laugh, in some cases cry and most of all connect.

To celebrate being a carer to a friend, partner or relative is a rare opportunity and carers week gives everyone the chance to recognise the valuable contribution carers make to their own family and friends and also wider society.

To all family and friend carers, we think you are amazing.  Your time, expertise, compassion and hard work is much appreciated.  THANK YOU.

Jane Brown