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Carers Week

Every year there are national campaigns to raise awareness for Carers. See what has gone on this past year during Carers Week on the page below.

Carers Rights Day is coming up, make sure to sign up for our workshops.

Carers Week 2023

Carers Week is a yearly national campaign to raise awareness of the invaluable contribution made by unpaid Carers in society. Carers UK and the University of Sheffield found that unpaid Carers contribute a staggering £455 million to the economy in England and Wales every day! Essentially, the value is the equivalent of a second NHS.

A yearly theme is selected to reflect current times. 2023’s theme was ‘Recognising and supporting carers in the community’. To support the theme, Carers Support hosted free events around the county, making them accessible to all Carers in the community and an online creative activity. Events such as butterfly walks, wellbeing meetings at various venues, and even an afternoon tea. All with the aim of celebrating Carers and bringing them together.

What is your plan B?

During the week, there was an emphasis on the importance of contingency planning. As a carer, what is your plan B, should you suddenly not be able to care. For example, what happens if you were involved in an accident, what would happen to your cared for? Watch the video below in which Eurfron, a Carer, talks about her experience of planning for the unexpected.

The value of Carers Week

The impact of Carers Week 2023 always extends beyond the campaign's duration. It sparks a long-lasting movement for change, inspiring individuals, communities, and organisations to continue supporting and advocating for carers' rights. We know that there are 19 million people in the UK who provide unpaid care - but haven’t identified as a carer – see ‘I Care’ report. People are far more likely to register themselves for support if encouraged by a friend or family member or a health and social care professional. With some people taking up to 1 year to recognise that they are in a caring role. An enormous thank you to everyone who is involved in celebrating and supporting carers in our county!

Carers Week Gallery 2023

Please see a small selection of some of the pictures captured. We hope you can join us next year. In the mean time, thank you for all you do as a Carer.

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