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Strategy Aims and Objectives 2021-25

Throughout 2020 our trustees, employees and volunteers worked hand in hand with carers to review who we are, what we aspire to and what we must do to achieve it. We heard from 1,000 carers, held six carer focus groups and heard from almost 200 other individuals and organisations. Find out more here. Our team also held several organisation-wide strategic development workshops. This is what we agreed together.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring the day forward when unpaid carers are seen, heard and included.

Our Purpose

We are there for unpaid carers when they are most in need.

Our Values

We are focused, putting carers at the heart of everything we do.

We act together, working with and for carers, the communities they live in and the people that can make a difference to them.

We are leaders working with each other to find potential and opportunities across all communities, enabling carers to be identified and involved.


We are committed to behaviours that support:

Quality – the highest practical level we can reach in outcomes, learning and behaviour

Inclusivity – respecting people, cultures, and organisations

Caring – improving quality of life and influencing behaviour change

Integrity – operating with honesty and reliability

Loyalty – long-term committed partnerships and co-operation

Innovation – driving our service development and our will to succeed

Our Strategic Aims

We know from hearing from and being with carers everyday what works for them and what doesn’t. Our challenge in being there for carers when they need us most is to be the charity team of staff and volunteers who can:

During 2020/21 we worked with 8,512 unique carers.

We have met this target since 2017 with 29,000 carers registered at the end of 2020/21 and during that same year 3744 new carers registered.