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Volunteer At Carers Support West Sussex

Volunteering offers a valuable opportunity to provide support and lend a compassionate ear to dedicated caregivers.

What We Offer To Volunteers

From training to a mentor, we make sure you are supported and prepared in your role.


You will take part in specific induction training prior to starting in your role

Ongoing Training

You will have ongoing role related training during your time as a volunteer from our in-house training programme

A Volunteer Mentor

Which includes regular reviews for a chance for feedback, continued development and support.


We provide full insurance cover for you while you undertake any of your duties

A Team

Be a part of regular team meetings and an annual social event (optional). Have your voice heard and your contribution valued as part of a growing team


As a volunteer you are already gifting your time - we make sure that any expenses directly relating to your volunteer time with us are reimbursed

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Why Volunteer with Us?

We welcome volunteers from all areas of the community and levels of expertise and skills. The main skill we look for is the ability to listen and have empathy. All our volunteers have an induction into Carers Support West Sussex that covers our vision, values and how we support carers.

Our Volunteer Roles

We have two types of volunteer roles: Information Volunteers and Check-In and Chat Volunteers. Not sure what role suits you? Click on the two roles below to read more about them.

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Check-In and Chat Volunteer

The Telephone Befriending Service will provide a carer with an opportunity of a regular social conversation to help reduce feelings of being alone. It is also an important opportunity to talk about the services available to them in their community and where appropriate online.

Crawley Community Shop Assistant Volunteer

The Crawley Community Shop is organised and run by a management committee supporting several charities that operate in the Crawley area. The shop is manned by a team of trustees and volunteers, enabling local charities and community groups to raise funds.

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Carers Groups
Co-facilitator – Volunteer

The main purpose of this role is to support the Carer Wellbeing Worker at a local venue where carers can meet with their peers, are enabled to share their experiences, meet with other carers and learn more about our services. These groups bring together carers where they can talk or just listen to others.

Drug & Alcohol Carers Groups
Co-facilitator – Volunteer

Working together with the Drug & Alcohol Wellbeing Workers, to provide a safe space for carers to meet on a regular basis to engage with other carers, gain information and peer support.

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a talking therapy group

Open to All Carers Groups Co-facilitator – Volunteer

Working together with the Carer Wellbeing Worker, to provide a safe space for carers to meet on a regular basis to engage with other carers, gain information and peer support. Our `Open to All` groups are for all carers who are supporting anyone who could not manage without them.

Mental Health Online Group Co-facilitator

Within a group setting carers are enabled to share their emotions to reduce stress and feelings of loneliness and isolation. This is achieved by actively listening, providing relevant information, responding to issues and concerns raised by the Carer.

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Dementia Online Group Co-facilitator

Working together with the Carer Wellbeing Worker to provide a safe on-line space for carers, supporting someone with Dementia, to meet on a regular basis to engage with us and other carers, gain information and peer support.

Have Any Questions?

If you would like to contact us about volunteering, please email or contact the Volunteer Service Manager Rosemarie Hegarty on 01293 699704.

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How Volunteers Helped This Year

Discover the impact of our volunteers over the past year in enhancing the lives of Carers in West Sussex.

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Minutes of Volunteering

Our team of volunteers have been amazing at the time given to support Carers this year.


Minutes On The Phone

Through the volunteer Check in and Chat telephone befriending service helping carers feel more socially connected.


Digital Champions

Our volunteer Digital Champions helped carers become more digitally-strong.

Video Library

Watch the firsthand experiences of Mandy and Liam as they share their journeys as volunteers at Carers Support. These videos offer a glimpse into the impactful world of being part of our volunteer team.

Volunteer Enquiry Form

Fill out the form below, there are only a few questions to answer. Someone from our team will be in touch with you soon.

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