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Carer Coaching

'The essence of coaching is to help a person change in the way they wish to and go in the direction they want to go; coaching builds awareness, facilitates choice, and helps to lead to change.'

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Carer Coaching Is It For You?

Unlike a more traditional support, which emphasises emotional support and information exchange, coaching-based programmes will help you to identify and achieve your own goals and provide you with specific tools, strategies, and skills to improve your resilience, well-being, and feelings of control. While there may be some similarities, coaching is not the same as counselling, therapy, advice, advocacy or training 

I have done a few things differently since being part of the programme. I am less argumentative and more relaxed about letting things go. I have walked away rather than rushing straight in things. I know I feel calmer – a lot calmer.” – Carer who completed the coaching programme.

The carer coaching programme to date, has helped over 50 carers to redevelop positive self-belief, re-enforce resilience and recognise resourcefulness, whilst taking steps towards re-prioritising their own wellbeing.

The Benefits Of Coaching

Following on from our Carer Coaching Pilot, an independent evaluation was performed by the University of Kent. The results revealed that coaching was perceived as overwhelmingly positive by all participants and some key themes appeared which included carers:

  • gaining confidence in themselves and their abilities. 
  • feeling an increase in self-worth.
  • shifting to a more ‘can do ‘ attitude.
  • feeling that they had more choice and control over their caring role.
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Many carers found being listened to and having the space and ‘permission’ to focus on their concerns in a supportive and safe environment was the primary benefit.

“When I started the coaching, I struggled to believe my life could be better. Now I play a sport, have done more social activities, completed a mindfulness course, and had an established art practice.” – Carer who took part in the pilot scheme.

“Overall, there can be little doubt about the positive impact of coaching on carers’ lives and wellbeing. This pilot evaluation captures a wide range of qualitative evidence about its profound benefits as a 1:1 intervention. There are also a range of benefits for both carers and staff of adopting a coaching approach in working with carers.” – Comment from the external evaluation.

The Coaching Team

With carers at the heart of all we do, our coaching team Penni, Diane, and Tor are eager to share an innovative offer with carers and colleagues. Together, we bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, and holistic skills, including wellbeing, coaching, person-centered trauma-informed approaches, mindfulness, and compassion. As certified coaches with The Centre for Coaching, our team is proud to deliver research-backed models that have helped countless individuals achieve positive life changes.

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Things to consider before signing up

We want you to have the chance of optimum success through coaching, for this reason, would you consider the following before signing up:

To book a place

At the moment you can book your place on a launch 1 hour session here:

Some FAQs about the Carer Coaching Offer

You may have some questions about a coaching approach and what you can expect.
Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQ’s).

Focusing on carers wellbeing, coaching is to support carers make positive changes to parts of their lives. By providing a safe and confidential space where carers can work with a coach on a 1 to 1 basis or as part a group of carers who are dealing with similar challenges within their caring role. Enabling carers to find potential changes to behaviour and approaches to create a positive outcome for themselves.

The coach will help to support exploration on how to change the way challenges are viewed and reacted to. Together the coaching sessions will be a space to discuss, support, and encourage each other to make small changes.  

This coaching programme is free to carers registered with carers support who are potentially feeling overwhelmed, not sure where to focus, lacking in confidence, or feeling guilty about wanting something different. 

If as a carer, you are ready to focus on making changes in your life which can help:

  • Improve your overall wellbeing.
  • Create time for yourself.
  • Make positive changes.
  • Reduce feelings of isolation.
  • Reduction of feelings of guilt.

Then this coaching programme is for you. Sign up today.

Coaching is dynamic. Either 1 to 1, which can be helpful and can be focused on individual needs or group coaching which allows you to learn and connect with people in similar situations as you at the same time. Carer experience and shared commonality will strengthen the group dynamics, drive the motivation, create solid relationships, and has the potential to create ongoing carer to carer support (peer support) after the coaching has completed.  

Examples of benefits to you in your caring role: 

  • Shared wisdom of the group
  • Working toward common goals as part of a structured, step-by-step program 
  • Development of support and trust within the group
  • Reduced feelings of isolation 
  • Change can be brought about faster and easier when it is led by a powerful, cohesive group than when individuals start it.
  • Improved self-belief   

Coaching encourages dialogue and discovery by promoting conversation and learning between the carer and the coach. The coach will encourage a safe space for carers to open up and learn, grow, and evolve together. Carer’s contributions, experiences and ideas will be valued and the whole group will benefit. 

Please watch this video of a testimonial from Dr Chris Thorpe about the benefits of coaching.

Watch video here

Yes, this is a free service offered to carers registered with Carers Support West Sussex. 

At the moment, you can book your place on a launch 1 hour session here

The dates to the launch sessions are:

Date: 11 Jun 2024 15:00,

Book here

12 Jun 2024 11:00, 13 June 2024 12:00

Book here

No, the role of the coach is to listen, support, explore and guide the group and help you look at things from a different perspective so that you feel that you have the tools needed to make choices, changes and move forward. Not an advice-giving service.  

The Group agreement covers privacy and confidentiality, carers will need to agree to keep things confidential and follow the housekeeping rules. Please only ever disclose things you are comfortable with. However, if there is a concern for someone’s safety then the coach will refer any safeguarding concerns to Carers Support West Sussex or the Police if there is an immediate risk of harm or danger disclosed.  

You are the person best placed to know if and how programme has helped you by the positive changes you see in your own life. To help you measure the improvements to your wellbeing, there will be a pre and post survey as well as the reflection sessions which form part of the coaching.  

No, coaching and counselling are two very different therapies. If you are looking for counselling, you can find out more information here:


The coaching team brings a collective wealth of experience and qualifications, including a master's degree in mindfulness-based approaches and expertise in person-centered, trauma-informed methods, as well as health and wellbeing coaching and resilience building in the workplace and for carers.

Our Carer Coaches have over a decade of dedicated carer support focused experience, and the lived experience of being carers themselves.

Each member of the team has achieved a Certificate in Coaching from the Centre for Coaching as part of their Coaching Development Programme. Their ongoing professional and personal growth includes regular workshops on carer coaching provided by Coaching for unpaid Carers, enhancing our Coaches ability to support carers through direct experience and up to date coaching models

If you have any further questions, please contact Carers Support West Sussex on 0300 028 8888 or email