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Who we are

Carers Support West Sussex is an independent charity supporting some of the 89,000 family and friend carers living in West Sussex.

With more than 26,000 carers currently registered with the charity, we run Support Groups, a Carer Response Line, help carers access equipment to assist them in their caring role or provide funds so that carers can do something for themselves. We can also help carers access counselling and call back services, wellbeing support and have teams in all the of the major hospitals in West Sussex, as well as East Surrey Hospital in Redhill.

With more than 100 members of staff and over 70 volunteers, as well as a dedicated team of Trustees, Carers Support is committed to ensuring carers are recognised and listened to. Carers save the UK economy more than £150 billion across England and Wales every year.

Our Vision is for all family and friends carers across West Sussex:

  • to be listened to and valued;
  • to have their rights and needs met;
  • to be given a strong voice in shaping carer support and services.

Our Values:

  • ‘Carers at our heart’….we put carers at the heart of all we do to achieve the best personal outcomes for each carer.
  • ‘Working together for carers’….we are committed to working in partnership with carers and other organisations.
  • ‘Listening to carers’…..we welcome innovation and creative carer-led solutions to achieve the results carers want.

We will achieve our vision through the following strategic aims:

  • Supporting carers to have a good quality of life and to be able to look after their own health and wellbeing.
  • Helping carers to have access to an early offer of information, guidance and support.
  • Encouraging independence so that carers have a choice of a life alongside their caring role including a social life, education, employment or volunteering.
  • Ensuring carers voices can be heard and that carers are valued and recognised as expert partners in care.
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Carry on doing what you are doing. I found the service very supportive and informative

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i am enormously thankful and grateful for the timely professional and relevent support i have recieved from Carers support over a number of years

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excellent respectful service. I thought my personal concerns would be of no concequence. Understanding and showed real empathy with my situation

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Keep up the good service, it means a lot to us carers

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Just knowing you are the brings a huge relief, thank you

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