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We are Here to Help

At Carers Support, we recognise that being a Carer comes with many different challenges. We have a range of services that can help support you, from benefit advice to a Carer Wellbeing fund, Support Groups and Carer Helpline.

How can we help you?

Who are you caring for?

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Our Services

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Benefit Advice Service

It may improve your financial situation if you have an understanding of the benefits you are entitled to as a Carer.

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Well-being Fund

Financial assistance that can be used flexibly to enhance your health and wellbeing as a carer

someone helping an elderly lady page through a book


Caring for yourself can feel down the end of your list of tasks but is very important to ensure that your wellbeing is considered, to enable you to continue in your caring role.

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Groups and Events

We warmly invite Carers to connect with us and become part of our vibrant carer groups. Remember, you don't have to face challenges alone.

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Bereavement Support

We acknowledge that each individual experiences a unique journey when dealing with loss. Connecting with others in similar circumstances offers invaluable support and aids in developing effective coping strategies.

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Carer Equipment

The Carer Equipment Service is available to you as a registered Carer to access equipment and assistive technology.

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Technology Guides

Needing some help to navigate the world of technology? We have the guides for you.

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Carer Assessment

A Carer Assessment aims to find out how caring effects your life, physically, emotionally and mentally and explore what services and support you as a carer would benefit from.

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