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Carers Chat and Check In

There are many benefits of talking to someone. Talking can result in stress relief or lighten the load one might be experiencing in their caring role. It can even free you from feelings of overwhelm and make you feel more socially connected. With so many advantages to talking things through, what are you waiting for, sign up to our carers chat and check in service.

Social Connection

We know from talking with our carers that they often put their own needs last through wanting to do the best for the person they care for.

So, the last thing you, as a carer, thinks about is spending time talking to someone, and sometimes, there may not be anyone to talk to! The carers chat and check in service creates the opportunity for you to talk about whatever you like to someone outside your caring role. You could talk about your hobbies and interests, feelings you are experiencing or perhaps just what’s happening in the news at the moment.

It can be just a small thing that can make so much difference. Do not underestimate the value of a friendly call and the positive impact that will have on your wellbeing.

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Carers Chat and Check in Calls can help you to...

  • Feel less isolated and alone in your caring role
  • Increase your social connections
  • Feel more able to access services available in your community

Carers chat and check in calls are for a six month period, booked in advance for the same time and day either weekly/fortnightly or monthly. Once you are signed up, you will receive information on ‘what to expect from the service’.

To sign up for check in and chat, simply contact us by phone, email or online chat.

Comments from Carers

“Receiving calls from the check in and chat service was invaluable to me. I was suffering with exhaustion and overwhelm and didn’t know where to turn. Speaking with someone about my thoughts and feelings and being encouraged to speak openly about how I was feeling and coping was comforting in so many ways. Having someone check in on me and ask how I was doing helped enormously with feeling less isolated and alone. Over a period of time, I was able to use the tools I received through carers support to deal with my day to day life of caring in a much less stressed way. I was feeling desperate, hopeless and helpless and I now feel less desperate more hopeful and more helpful.”

Mandy, carer who used the check in and chat service.

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