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Older man who is balding and wearing glasses is speaking on the telephone

Check-In and Chat Volunteer

The check in and chat volunteer will be paired with an isolated carer to provide them with an opportunity of a regular social conversation to help reduce feelings of being alone and to open the discussion with the carer about the services available to them in their community and where appropriate online.

The Difference You Will Make

Being socially connected and part of the community can really support a person’s feeling of wellbeing and alleviate feelings of being lonely and having no one to talk to. Being able to talk about hobbies and interests with someone else can give a carer a sense of self and what makes them happy in life. It can be just a small thing that can make so much difference. Do not underestimate the value of the call you make to a carer and the impact that will have on their wellbeing. 

Your calls will help to create social connections for the carer and support them to:

  • feel less isolated and alone in their caring role
  • have an increase in their social connections
  • feel more able to access services available to them in their community

Role Expectations

1. To make a regular social call to a carer

2. To provide undivided attention, a listening ear

3. To alleviate social isolation and loneliness

4. To promote positive mental health

5. To feedback details of the call to the Volunteer team and to raise any issues or concerns

Skills and Personal Qualities Required: 

  • An empathetic caring approach when engaging with others
  • To be non-judgemental and be able to maintain personal boundaries
  • Encourage and promote carer health and wellbeing
  • Understanding of the issues carers face
  • A sensitive attitude towards other people
  • Friendly and patient approach
  • Good communicator and ability to start up conversations with people easily
  • Listening skills 
  • Able to accurately record information
  • Competent in using email and Apps

Training and Support

There is the following mandatory training required:

1. CSWS Induction Training

2. Basic Adult Safeguarding – online session 

3. Role specific training – Befriending 

4. Data Protection(online)

5. Pride in care

Support for You

  • A designated mentor will support you in your role and provide you with 1-1 reviews on the role. You will have opportunities to discuss any carer issues raised with your mentor to raise any concerns and ensure safeguarding. 
  • An online regular meeting with other volunteers  
  • You will be part of a wider volunteering team where you can access support on the administration requirements for the role, entering timesheets and claiming expenses.
  • Access to Workplace Employee Assistance Scheme 
  • Opportunities for ongoing learning and personal development


This role can we undertaken from anywhere in West Sussex and you will be supported virtually in your role.

Timings and Commitment:

Timings can be flexible to suit from a minimum of 1 hour per week/fortnight/month up to 3 hours depending upon how many check in and chat calls you will be making.  Minimum commitment of 12 months.

Other Information:

This role is available to anyone over the age of 18yrs

We will require 2 References and a basic DBS check 

How to Apply:

Complete our Volunteer Enquiry Form below 

Volunteer Enquiry Form

Fill out the form below, there are only a few questions to answer. Someone from our team will be in touch with you soon.