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Carers week with putting carers on the map

The Importance of Carers Week

Putting Carers on the Map this Carers Week 2024!

Monday, 10th June – Sunday, 16th June marks Carers Week 2024; a national initiative to raise awareness about unpaid carers across England, Wales, and Scotland.

The theme for this year is “Putting Carers on the Map,” where carer support organisations come together to ensure that the voices of unpaid carers are heard by politicians, employers, service providers, educational institutions, journalists, and throughout our local communities. The aim of the week is to make caring more visible, ensuring that carers are seen and respected and can access the services and support they need.

Hear from Carer and Poet Matthew McKenzie

Carer and poet Matthew McKenzie shares why Carers Week is important to him and has also penned a poem in celebration of the week.

“For me, Carers Week is an event I look forward to throughout the year. It can be so easy for unpaid carers to feel isolated and forgotten. Some people do not consider themselves carers at all and often just cope with their role. So, I am delighted to write a supporting piece for Carers Support West Sussex, who do so much to ensure carers are not forgotten.

Carers come from all backgrounds; we have young carers, working carers, carers who struggle with their own health needs, and even elderly carers. The health and social care sector depends heavily on the support of families and friends looking out for each other. If carers feel they are not supported, there is a risk they might withdraw from their role or suffer mental and physical health problems.”

For Carers Week to share,
It helps to be aware
That if you really care,
Listen up for your welfare.
It’s best you are not ignored,
Noted as a carer to be recorded,
For support is your reward,
So social care back onboard.
For Carers Week is here,
With events to promote and share,
It’s worth attending, just be there,
To learn about unpaid care.
So please don’t be ignored,
It’s something you can’t afford.
Support and help explored,
Faith in the system restored.

By Matthew McKenzie, Poet and Carer Activist.

Join the Celebration

Visit the Carers Week website to view events and activities being hosted in your area or check out our dedicated Carers Week page for events taking place across West Sussex, as well as online.