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Carer Voice Network

Through our extensive carer engagement work, we know carers want to be seen, heard and included. This network aims to provide a platform from which carers hold a strong and active voice to influence and co-produce their local service and challenge system leaders to create change for carers in everything they do.

Have you ever thought, ‘I think that service could be improved if they did x y and z’? Have you wanted to express your views but unsure where and how to get your voice heard and with effect? If you have these feelings, we would love for you to join our carer voice network.

Here at Carers Support, we put carers at the heart of all we do, and by sharing your ideas and insights, you can help create positive change for carers.

What is the Carer Voice Network?

This group provides an opportunity for carers to be seen, heard and included. We want to bring together a group of carers who are keen to voice their opinions about a range of topics. There will be different roles to play, depending on your preference and your participation is completely voluntary.

We will invite you throughout the year asking for your help and opinions. For example, we are often approached by local media requesting carer stories. It would be fantastic if we could have a group of carers who would be happy to be involved in such opportunities but appreciate that some of you may prefer to stay out of the limelight! So, there will be plenty of different ways to get involved.

How will the network run?

Upon joining, we will establish your preferences to support this group and your level of involvement, to ensure you are comfortable with our asks of you. Once a member, you decide which topics you would like involvement with, depending on your interests.

Members of the group will be invited to participate in various ways, for example, online or phone surveys. If a media enquiry, we will fully brief you, so you know what to expect.

What do you get from joining this network?

In becoming a member, you have the knowledge you are helping:

  • To influence and shape the future of Carers Support
  • Us to reach more people who do not yet recognise themselves as carers
  • To make a difference to carers support in a way that is easy for you
  • Us to move closer in achieving our vision: to bring the day forward when unpaid carers are seen, heard, and included.
  • By having access to a yearly panel, in which key decision makers will be present to answer carer questions and give their opinion about carer services.

Why is the network set up?

The Carer Voice Network has been set up because we are fanatical about hearing your views and stories. We can take this insight gained to challenge system leaders to create change for carers. We also recognise the value of understanding who we support. ‘Are we getting it right, how could we improve this service?’ Just some of the many questions we want answered by you, as a carer. The impact of your voice will be reported back to you, to prove we have listened and what you say is making a difference.

Who can get involved?

Anyone who is a registered carer with Carers Support West Sussex can enrol as a member of the Carer Voice Network. You can also choose to leave at any time, if you change your mind, there is no obligation to remain a member. We just ask for you to let us know of your decision, so we do not contact you about the group.

How can you get involved?

Sign-up to receive email updates about carer surveys, consultations and steering groups in your local area. Please contact to join the Carer Voice Network e-mailing list.

Complete our ‘Be the Voice’ training to help prepare you to represent carer related issues as a Carer Representative at external meetings. Sessions will be run in June and Autumn 2022 and will be advertised to carers subscribed to our Carer Voice Network emails.

Help us plan and deliver events for Carers Week (June) and Carers Rights Day (November) to raise the profile of carers and caring across West Sussex. See our CPG Terms of Reference and contact us today if you are interested in joining.

Carer Voice Network Member Activities over last 12 months:

  • Planning Carers Week 2021 and Carers Rights Day 2021
  • Being part of interview panel for two job roles that were carer facing
  • Sharing case study as part of Government White Paper on Social Care Reform (working with Carers UK)
  • Meeting with local MP, Tim Loughton to discuss the impact for carers within his constituency
  • Sharing carer story case study as part of Carer Awareness Training delivered to professionals
  • Sharing story for newspaper publication (Read article here)
  • Taking part in short online poll about Carer Respite as part of commissioned report for WSCC Carer Commissioner
  • Helping with One Big Day Event in April 2022
  • Co-designing ‘Be the Voice’ Training (to be delivered in June and Autumn 2022)

If you are already registered with us please contact us via email at to request a card.

If you are not registered with us please complete our online registration form below