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Carers Groups

At CSWS we truly understand the importance of staying connected. We are developing ways to safely cut through the current restrictions with new ways to encourage connection, such as our online support groups. We really are about providing that connection to help those who need it. We want to make it abundantly clear that we are here for carers and asking them to contact CSWS and join one of our many carer groups. Be visible as a carer, don’t suffer in silence.

If connecting to others via Zoom is something you haven't done before and would like some guidance and support to do so, we can help you with this, just contact us on 0300 028 8888. You can also our technology guides for some helpful hints and tips.

Open to All Carer Group North

Open to All Carer Group Coastal

This group is hosted by Carer Wellbeing Workers from our Community Team. Our team of Community Wellbeing Workers support carers of someone living with a long-term condition not covered by one of our specialist teams. Quite often the people we support are in a co-caring situation and/or coping with multiple diagnoses. We host two morning groups a month.

Adur & Worthing – Open to all Carers

This group is for all carers living in Adur & Worthing and is an opportunity for carers to talk about their caring role, to meet and chat with other carers, find out more about local services, and to access information and support from our Carer Wellbeing Workers.

Dementia Carer Group

Meet and share with other dementia carers as well as take the opportunity for breakout sessions for further support with Carers Support West Sussex Dementia Team members, and representative from our partner organisations including Alzheimer's Society and Sage House.

Learning Disability Carer Group

Join our friendly group for family and friend carers of adults with learning disabilities, for support, information and to chat to other carers.

Mental Health Carer Group

Please come and join us for a peer support group. You can join as little or as much you feel comfortable. Ask questions. Learn about helpful information from other carers. We are here to support you. We might have a guest speaker from our partner organisations to join in our sessions.

Autistic Adult Carer Group

Join our supportive, friendly group for parents, partner, spouse and friend carers of autistic adults 16+, for information and peer support.

Drugs and Alcohol Carer Group

    Join our friendly group for family and friend carers of people who use Drugs and/or Alcohol, for support, information and to chat to others and share experiences.

    Parent Carer Group

      Join our friendly Drop In for a coffee and chat for Parents who have children with SEND. A chance to just check in and say hello to other parents, to talk and ask questions and find out more about our services.

      Former Carer Group

        An online group for carers who have experienced bereavement and would benefit from meeting with others going through a similar experience

        Introduction to Mindfulness Based Living

        Introductory session to have the opportunity to explore what we mean by mindfulness

        Our Services

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