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Carer Emergency Contact Card Referral Form

As a partner organisation with Carers Support West Sussex and West Sussex County Council, we should have an agreement in place with yourselves to receive direct professional referrals on behalf on carers for a Carer Emergency Contact Card (CECC).

If you are unsure if this is currently in place please contact us on 0300 028 8888 or email to speak to one of the CECC team. Please also use these contact details if you like any more details or marketing material about the CECC.

You can find more details to share with carers on our CECC dedicated page here.

When referring the carer for a CECC using the online referral form there are two crucial steps:

  • Express carer consent for Carers Support West Sussex to hold their details and data on our system. Without consent, the referral can go no further.
  • There are fields on the form which are mandatory – you will not be able to submit the form without completing these.

Carer Emergency Contact Card Professional’s Referral Form

Details of people who have agreed to offer to help in an emergency

First Contact

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