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Dementia Toolkit

Caring for someone with dementia can be emotionally and physically demanding. Sometimes called ‘crowded isolation’ because a carer can feel so alone with the person they are caring for and yet so busy organising services and coping with everyday living needs.

Everyone’s journey is different which is why we offer individual guidance and information to help you in your caring role. Once you are registered with Carers Support West Sussex we are able to help with a host of support, ranging from emotional to financial assistance tailored to your needs as well as refer you to partner organisations.

Click here to learn more about services for dementia carers.

This toolkit will help you navigate the services and support available to people caring for someone with dementia in West Sussex, how and who to go to for help and how we can support and guide you.

If you are already registered with us please contact us via email at to request a card.

If you are not registered with us please complete our online registration form below