We support family and friend carers across West Sussex with a range of information and support services but we want to do so much more.  Please consider a donation or legacy gift to help us continue our work.


You donation can help us run our Carer Response Line, more than 60 Support Groups run across the county every month, a Carer Learning and Wellbeing Programme, an Equipment for Independence scheme, Counselling and Call Back services and many many more support services for West Sussex carers.

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Your legacy, our future

Your first concern is to make provision for your family and loved ones.  A Legacy is a special gift left in your Will which is a crucial source of our funding.  This can play an important role in giving carers a brighter future.  As it is also a gift to charity it is exempt from tax so giving a Legacy may reduce the amount of inheritance tax for which your estate is liable.  All gifts give us vital support, whatever the size.  The Legacy might be a gift of a few hundred pounds or more, an item of jewellery, stocks and shares, or maybe an endowment from your memorial fund.

Whatever you can afford will make a big difference to carers and is very gratefully received.

How your Legacy can help carers

£1,000 would provide Short Breaks for several carers who may be experiencing loneliness, exhaustion or stress to provide replacement care at home.  Carers can then have quality time with other children or family members.

£5,000 would provide isolated vulnerable Young Adult Carers with educational trips so that they can gain confidence, socialise with others in similar circumstances and focus on something other than their caring role.

£10,000 would provide 250 personal Carer Counselling sessions for individuals facing crisis in their lives when their caring roles become challenging and overwhelming.

£25,000 will provide two part-time Carer Wellbeing Workers to increase our time with carers who look after and provide a lifeline to severely disabled children or adults.

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Give as you live

Raise money for Carers Support as you buy from your favourite online shops, including Amazon, John Lewis, M&S and more than 4000 other stores.

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