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Sussex Carers Partnership | Your Views Explored

As part of the Sussex Carers Partnership, we were commissioned by the Sussex Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to undertake a research project to gather the experiences of carers pan Sussex in relation to health and care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On March 24, the research findings, along with six carer-informed recommendations, were presented at a webinar, which was attended by carers and key decision makers from the NHS, CCG, and local Commissioning Managers for each county.

The plenary session that followed the research findings prompted a debate around the strength and soundness of the six recommendations. And whilst it was encouraging to hear the Research Report described as a ‘mandate for change’ in improving the health inequalities carers face. There is of course further work to be undertaken by the NHS and CCG to determine the feasibility of implementing the recommendations across Sussex in a timely manner so not to lose the momentum of this work.

A huge thank you to our counterparts at The Carers Centre for Brighton and Hove and Care for Carers (East Sussex) in delivering this collaborative project, and the family and friend carers who gave up their time to be involved.

Read the Report: Research into Sussex Carers Experiences of Health Care

Read Summary of Discussions from Webinar

View the Webinar slideshow

View Highlights from the Webinar

Ways to Get Involved

Carers Support West Sussex is committed to placing carers at the heart of all we do to achieve the best possible personal outcomes for every carer. Through our Carers Voice Network (CVN), we provide regular information about engagement opportunities and training for carers in West Sussex, so that they can represent a united voice of unpaid carers.

As a member of the CVN, you can:

  • Share your experiences and offer feedback to help raise awareness and recognition of the demands of being an unpaid carer;
  • Help plan events and activities to increase carer identification;
  • Point out what is overlooked in the commissioning of local services;
  • Help co-design and develop a service as an Expert by Experience;
  • Strengthen carer influence at a local and national level by building a collective voice.

Email Updates:

  • Sign-up to receive email updates about carer surveys, consultations and steering groups in your local area. Please contact to join the mailing list.

‘Be the Voice’ Training:

  • Complete our ‘Be the Voice’ training to help prepare you to represent carer related issues as a Carer Representative at external meetings.

Carers Planning Group:

  • Volunteer as a Carer Representative and help us to plan and deliver events for Carers Week (June) and Carers Rights Day (November).
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