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Meet The Team

Our Trustees

Carers Support West Sussex is governed by a Board of Trustees, made up of elected professionals and carers or former carers who volunteer their time. Their role is to:

  • set strategic direction and vision;
  • ensure that the organisation is meeting their objectives and performance targets;
  • put carers needs at the heart of the organisation.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a Trustee please get in touch on 0300 028 8888 or email Your enquiry will be passed directly to our Chair or Chief Executive.

Robert Adams

Chair of the board of Trustees - Elected 2018

Peter Phillips

Treasurer - Elected 2015

Sue Knight

Vice Chair - Elected 2008

Paul Isaacs

Trustee Director - Elected 2012

Narendhra Morar

Trustee Director - Elected 2018

Christine Field

Trustee Director - Elected 2019

Neal Young

Trustee Director - Elected 2016

John Williamson

Trustee Director - Elected 2008

Philip Lansberry TEP

Trustee Director - Elected 2008

Jane Green

Trustee Director - Elected 2015

Our Patron

We are delighted that Dame Philippa Russell DBE is our Patron.

Dame Philippa lives in West Sussex. She is a parent of an adult son with a learning disability and has many contacts with voluntary and user organisations with an interest in disabled children, young people and their families. She is a member of the Cross-Government Programme Board on the National Carers Strategy and is a former Chair of the Government’s Standing Commission on Carers.

She was made a Dame in the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2009 for services to disabled children, young people and family carers. She campaigns and lobbies nationally on behalf of carers to change things for the better across NHS and Social Care services and to improve carers’ rights.