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Name a Carers Lead

A Carers Lead is a named person who is responsible for carers within a GP practice.

A carers lead is accountable for that GP's Carer Offer and can develop standardised ways of working, and educate colleagues, to ensure that carers are identified and supported, as well as the person they care for. Having a Carers Lead creates accountability, clarity and improves the efficacy of the systems set up to identify and support carers.

Naming a carers lead shows you are committed to identifying and supporting carers in your patient community, recognises the important role they play in supporting the person with care needs and seeks to redress the impact of caring on a carer's health and wellbeing.

Information about a carers lead

Example Carers Lead Role Description

Key responsibilities:

Top Tips for making an effective Carers Lead

Have a named person responsible for carers.

Include their Carer Lead responsibilities in their job description and related performance management.

Communicate internally that the GP practice has a Carers Lead and how staff are expected to work with them, including carer protocols and inclusion of carer updates in practice meetings.

Communicate externally that the GP practice has a Carers Lead and how carers can be supported by them / the GP surgery.

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