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A local charity team of staff and volunteers, working with and for family and friend carers. Our vision is to bring the day forward when family and friend carers are seen, heard, and included.

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Our Vision

Our Carers are at the heart of our strategy. Imagine a world where Carers do not have to fight to be heard and recognised. A world where carers feel valued and supported for who they are and what they do. Our vision is to bring the day forward when unpaid carers are seen, heard, and included.

What does Carers Support do?

With approximately 30,000 registered carers under our care, our charity operates various initiatives to support them. We run Support Groups and a Carer Response Line, assisting carers in accessing necessary equipment and funding for their well-being. Additionally, we offer counselling, call back services, and well-being support, with teams stationed in major hospitals in West Sussex and East Surrey Hospital in Redhill.

“Carers save the UK economy more than £150 billion across England and Wales every year.”
Our committed team comprises over 100 staff members, 70 volunteers, and dedicated Trustees, all focused on recognizing and listening to carers. It’s important to acknowledge that carers play a crucial role, contributing over £150 billion to the UK economy annually across England and Wales.

At Carers Support West Sussex, we highly value diversity. We believe that individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills, attitudes, and experiences enrich our organisation by bringing fresh ideas, valuable insights, and new perspectives.
“Our strategy is designed to focus on being there for unpaid carers when they are most in need.”
Our charity’s purpose is to be a carer-facing helpline providing information, guidance, and practical support. We serve as a gateway for carers to access emotional, specialist, peer support, and learning opportunities. Working closely with carers, communities, and partners throughout West Sussex and the South East of England, we meet carers where they are on their journey, offering appropriate questions and empowering them while fostering a sense of community among their peers.

Mothers, sons, fathers, daughters, friends, partners, husbands, wives, and family members dedicate themselves to others every day, while also trying to maintain their own lives. In West Sussex alone, there are over 120,000 carers, and we are here to support each and every one of them.

Behaviours We Are Committed to in our community

Comments from Carers

"I found talking to a wellbeing worker reassuring and knowing there was help for me if I needed it made me feel better and not alone. All the information has been valuable and has reassured me and put my mind at rest."

Alex, who received support from the carer response line