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Young Adult Carers

Carers Support are dedicated to providing support to 18 – 25 year olds looking after a family member or friend who depends on that help. Does this sound like you or someone you know?

We recognise the value of this caring role and look to work with Young Adult Carers to provide a stepping stone in achieving dreams and aspirations. There are so many benefits registering with us, such as help with gaining employment, training, funding for mobile data or sports equipment or simply providing a base to socialise and someone to talk to in confidence.

Are you a carer or care worker?

The difference between carer or care worker is the employment status. A ‘care worker’ is employed and paid to care. A ‘carer’ is someone providing unpaid care for a family or friend who could not manage without this help. We are here to support those in an unpaid role.

What support do we offer?

The welcoming and friendly Carers Support team have huge experience in helping with the challenges quite often faced by young adult carers. The team understand that every person is an individual and will work to tailor a collection of the services on offer. Each member of the team is equipped with the knowledge to help you in all areas of life, from social support to help at college or Uni to gaining employment.

Here are some of the ways we can support you in your caring role.

Feeling isolated or lonely?

We offer emotional support and a chance to make friends with other young adult carers in a similar situation who understand your circumstances. There is the opportunity to join online carer groups in which we discuss topics of importance chosen by you. The kind of things we talk about are:

Making and maintaining relationships and friendships

Work and education

Time out from your caring role

As well as video games, TV, films etc anything we want to

Need someone to talk to in confidence?

Caring for someone else can be both wonderful and tough. There can be joyful times as well as perhaps confusing times when you feel overwhelmed with the responsibility placed on your shoulders. Because we understand the pressures which can be placed on you, we have set up a young persons’ counselling service. So, if you feel you would benefit from someone to talk to in a confidential space, contact us today. Find out more about the counselling service here.

Want to boost your confidence?

No one is born with confidence; it is a skill learnt over time and through experience. We offer an opportunity to learn how to build your confidence and assertiveness. These are skills which will help in all aspects of life, from being heard when speaking to healthcare professionals to getting that job you’ve been aspiring to. Find out more here.

Need a little extra to help with mobile phone credit?

To those registered with us, there is the potential to gain access to a grant designed to help improve your health and wellbeing. We have been able to help with sports kits, mobile phone credit and even help with driving lessons. The possibilities are endless, so get in contact to find out how we can help you.

How can I access these services?

To access these services and more, all you need to do is complete the contact form and one of the team will get back in touch with you. Alternatively, you can call 0300 028 8888 to talk to one of our wellbeing workers.

I am a professional, how do I refer someone to Carers Support?

Perhaps you have noticed someone who is in a caring role? If you would like to refer someone to us, please discuss with the person and gain their consent before referring. Click here to make a referral.

Our Services

If you are already registered with us please contact us via email at to request a card.

If you are not registered with us please complete our online registration form below