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Carer Story – Simon

We work with a plethora of carers, in all circumstances. Each case is so individual, which is why the time is taken to listen to the carer to really understand how we can help.

Relocating to care

Simon, aged 45, found himself and his two teenage daughters relocating their lives to care for his elderly parents. Simon gave up his job and moved across the country to live with his Mum and Dad.

Simon has a logistics background and is used to sorting out challenges. However, dealing with the health and social care system seems to be a whole new level of frustration, with Simon feeling that his parents were not a priority. Then there was the issue of benefits. As Simon gave up employment to become a full-time carer, there was a need to investigate the financial support available, without impacting the support his parents receive.

Feeling adrift

Simon found himself not only in a new geographical area, but in a life that looked and felt completely different. Having returned to assist with the caring side of things and not knowing what this would entail, Simon felt adrift. Not knowing which way to turn or how to request help, he was lucky enough to be referred into Carers Support by the St Richards Hospital team.

“The call from the Carer Wellbeing Assessment team made all the difference, it was about what was impacting me, and the importance of taking care of myself.” The assessors approach made him feel listened to, supported, appreciated, and okay to feel like he does.

“I don’t open up about my feelings or talk about anything personal, it was like she had a magic key, it was bizarre! The way she worded the questions, allowed me time to think of how to respond, had me just talking, it all came flooding out. It was very emotional but very much needed.”

The instant rapport created by the coaching approach helped Simon to be honest about his feelings without feeling judged.

Gaining control of your life

Following the assessment call, Simon has been supported to access a direct payment to enable him to take some time for himself.

Simon felt like he was gaining control of his new life. He started to make time for himself, has spent quality time with his daughters and has started to create new relationships in his new home. He has signed up to a course to teach English as a foreign language as feels this would be something he can work towards and fit around his new living situation.

“The support provided by Carers Support has been timely, appropriate, and focused on me, my immediate needs, future planning and is delivered in a really personal but not imposing way.”

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