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What’s a carers Plan B? i.e. Contingency planning.

By this we mean having a back- up plan just in case they are unexpectedly unable to care for someone who relies on them.

We’re asking all staff who work with, or know a family or friend carer, to check they have their Plan B. It helps ensure the person being cared for is supported at the earliest opportunity and gives the carer peace of mind that there is something in place.


Here are some of the reasons why someone may need a Plan B

  • They may suddenly become unwell or be injured and be unable to carry out their usual caring role, even if they are not in hospital.
  • Unplanned admission to hospital following an accident or a medical emergency.
  • They have a domestic emergency which must be dealt with, for example a fire or flooding.
  • Family emergency, such as a relative or other dependent being taken ill, or a death in the family.


They do have a Plan B

That’s great! But check that they have let others know what it is. It’s quite common for people to think through what they would do if they weren’t there, but they may not have written it down, or told anyone else. It’s also important carers check that those people they would ask to help are happy to be contacted in an emergency.

They don’t have a Plan B

Ok, so please go through some of the points below with them to help them create their Plan B.

  • Carry a carers emergency contact card when they are out and about – this will state that they are a carer and that someone depends on them.
  • Tell their GP that they are a carer. Depending on the system used, this may show up when their medical records are accessed.
  • Give a copy of their plan to a trusted person, this could be someone they have identified as an emergency contact.
  • Keep the plan updated, keep it secure, and tell people they trust where it’s located.

When there are no plans, it can make the situation significantly more stressful and upsetting for all involved. So, any help you can give a carer to be prepared will significantly improve any emergency situation.