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Carers Learning Set

Carer Learning Webinars take place every eight weeks and focus on specialist topics selected by our primary care partners.

Bookings are available to all West Sussex based primary care professionals.
Sessions are recorded and last up to 1 hour.

Previous learning event recordings can be accessed here and utilised for ongoing professional development.

  • Caring with Cancer(Watch the recording on YouTube)
    Rebecca Trussler, a Macmillan Primary Care Nurse Facilitator, and Hermione Davidson, a Carers Support West Sussex Co-ordinator, discuss the issues facing carers of people with cancer and how they can be supported in primary care and more widely.  (View or download Slideshow)

  • Carer awareness(Watch the recording on YouTube)
    Mike Howard,  Carers Support West Sussex Wellbeing Worker provides an overview of carers and how they can be identified in primary care and supported by Carers Support. This session includes a 20 minute video in which carers share their experiences of primary care. (View or download Slideshow)

  • Young Carers(Watch the recording on YouTube)
    David Brooks, Young Carer Team Manager provides an overview of young carers, their rights, the support available to them and how to refer young carers into services. Young carers are often a hidden group who go unnoticed but are particularly vulnerable if they undertake inappropriate caring responsibilities. (View or download Slideshow)

  • Carer Benefits – (Watch the recording on YouTube)
    Martin Yarde, Benefits Adviser at Carers Support West
    Sussex, provides an overview of the financial benefits available to carers and
    how Carers Support can help carers know what they are eligible for and access
    financial support. (View or download Slideshow)