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Caring for...

At Carers Support, we realise no two caring situations are the same. While we can offer individual and personalised support to everyone who contacts us, we also provide information and support on a range of caring roles.

For people caring for someone with dementia, Alzheimer’s or another form of memory loss

For parents caring for a child aged who is aged between 0-25.

For Carers of an Autistic Adult or someone with Asperger Syndrome

For Carers aged between 18-25. Click for information on education, housing or employment support.

For people caring for someone who may be frail, or has a physical or sensory disability such as blindness or deafness

For those caring for someone with a mental health issue

For Carers or someone with a drug or alcohol issue

For Carers of someone with a learning disability

Carers Support West Sussex values diversity. We recognise that carers, staff, volunteers and partners with different backgrounds, skills, attitudes and experiences can help to shape how our organisation works.