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Carer Referrals

As a professional, you will meet, work with, or recognise unpaid Carers as part of your everyday activity. We are asking for your help in referring or signposting those unpaid carers to Carers Support West Sussex, so they can access the support they are entitled to.

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What to do if you identify an unpaid Carer?

Family and friend Carers do not always recognise themselves in a caring role. Quite often, it takes someone like you to spot the signs, and highlight to them that the help and support they provide to someone else may mean that they are a Carer.

We know that supporting carers early in their Caring journey is key to preventing carer breakdown. This could be the beginning of their Carer journey.

Once you have identified someone as a Carer, you have two quick and easy options to help the Carer: 

1) Signpost the Carer to us. You could share our contact details:

Our Phone : 0300 028 8888

Our Email:

Our Website:

2) Refer the Carer to us using the linked form below. However, with this route, there are two crucial steps needed before  you start the quick process:

  • Express Carer consent for Carers Support West Sussex to contact the Carer. Without Consent, the referral can go no further.
  • Carer personal details, such as name and caring role.

Once you have those details covered, please complete the referral form, which will securely transfer your referral to Carers Support. Once the referral is received, a wellbeing worker will make direct contact with the carer to discuss their caring role and how we can support them going forward.

Hospital Team Referrals

If you are referring a Carer from a Hospital setting, please use this form to make the information you supply more detailed and applicable in this situation.

Other Referral Forms

See quick links below to take you to the other refferal forms avaliable for professionals.

Hospital Admission

Our primary goal is to meet Carers within the hospital settings and offer assistance to prevent carer breakdown. We also support the safe discharge process for both the carer and patient.

Carer Discount Card

The businesses supporting this scheme can demonstrate their recognition and value the contribution unpaid Carers make, while receiving promotion of their business to our Carer Network.

Emergency Contact Card

As professional partners, we need an agreement with you for direct professional referrals on behalf of Carers seeking a Carer Emergency Contact Card (CECC).