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Carers Support Finds £3million Worth Of Unclaimed Benefits

44% of working-age adults who are caring for 35 hours or more a week are in poverty. (Joseph Rowntree Foundation, UK Poverty 2022). Caring comes with additional costs which are often overlooked. 63% of carers are extremely worried about managing their monthly outgoings. It not just about the costs, on average, 600 a day leave work to care, which has an enormous impact on income.

At a time when personal finances are under scrutiny, those caring for a family or friend, are really facing testing times.

The benefits system is a like a maze to navigate and even harder when you have caring responsibilities and reduced time. This is where CSWS benefit’s advisors come to the rescue. Fully conversant in all aspects of benefits, they are able to take each case and advise accordingly. Martin Yarde, one of the Benefits Advisors added, “We speak with so many different carers at different stages in their caring journey. We listen to their situation, so we can give solid advice about the benefits they are entitled to within their caring role.”

Since the start of the benefits advice service in May 2021, the advisors have helped carers to realise £3million of additional income carers were just unaware they were entitled to or did not know how to claim.

Sonia Mangan, CSWS CEO, added, “We are enormously proud to have taken the initiative to start this much needed service. I heard of a recent case whereby the carer had left work due to caring for his parents. After meeting with one of our advisors, the family was able to increase their income, through benefits, by £151.01 per week. There are so many cases where extra money has been found.”

Sonia goes on to add “Insight from our most recent consultation with carers, tells us that financial assistance, whether advice or grants, is one of the ways we can support carers to overcome some of the top challenges identified.”

If you are caring for someone who could not manage without your help. But this is having a detrimental impact on your finances, get in touch with CSWS to arrange a call with a benefits advisor. Contact us today