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Person digging in allotment

Embracing Nature And Community: Celebrating National Allotment Week

As the summer sun graces us with its warmth and the scent of blooming flowers fills the air, it’s the perfect time to rejoice in the beauty of nature and the joys of gardening. National Allotment Week is here from the 7th-13th August and 2023 marks it’s 21st year!

The National Allotment Society has set the theme of Soil Health this year – Good soil health is widely accepted as way to improve yield when growing edibles but also contributes positively to biodiversity and the environment as the world faces more climate challenges. The NAS hope that this National Allotments Week will inform and educate gardeners old and new about the benefit of caring for the soil and the creatures that inhabit it. (Source:

As a carer, we know it can be difficult to step away from your caring role even for a moment but it is important to remember to look after yourself. Taking time out to tend to a garden at home or an allotment can have a host of benefits and not only to you.

The Benefits of Community Gardens and Allotments

  1. Fostering a Sense of Community: In the digital age, genuine human connections often suffer. Community gardens provide a much-needed platform for people to come together, share gardening tips, and engage in meaningful conversations, strengthening the fabric of society.
  2. Physical and Mental Wellbeing: Gardening is a therapeutic activity that allows individuals to unwind, reduce stress, and stay physically active. The beauty of tending to plants and watching them grow cannot be overstated.
  3. Sustainable Living: Growing local produce reduces the carbon footprint associated with long transportation routes and commercial agriculture. Additionally, organic gardening practices encourage biodiversity and minimize the use of harmful chemicals.
  4. Educational Opportunities: Community gardens and allotments serve as outdoor classrooms where people of all ages can learn about horticulture, permaculture, and sustainable gardening practices.

Find your local allotment or community garden

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of West Sussex, England, lies a vibrant and growing network of community gardens and allotments. These green havens bring together people from all walks of life, united by their love for nature, sustainable living, and a desire to create a closer-knit community.

Here are a few community gardens and allotments that we have found, if you know of any others do let us know!

  • Tangmere Community Garden
    • Located in Tangmere, West Sussex is a community garden dedicated to growing and nurturing so much more than just plants. Our membership is open to all, whatever age or ability.
  • Petworth community Garden CIC
    • PCG offers sensory and accessible organic gardening activities teaching ‘Growing Your Own,’ Permaculture and Gardening for Wildlife, along with opportunities to learn to cook healthy meals from the harvest with our ‘Plot to Plate project. We work as a mixed community group and are accessible to all needs and abilities; participants can work at their own pace with accessible tools on raised beds and enjoy being part of an integrated group, sharing tea, cakes, and healthy lunch from the harvest.
  • Sussex Grow Spaces
    • Love growing your own fruit & veg but just need a bit more space? Get in touch, we have plots of land ready for your green fingers! Our grow spaces are 700 square meters in size making them larger than your average allotment. They are run on a farm business tenancy basis meaning you’re allowed to sell your produce. You can set up any temporary structures you need such as polytunnels, sheds or composting bins. Each plot has its own water supply, and each tenant has access to friendly advice, and professional land cultivation as and when needed.
  • Nuthurst Community Allotment
    • Watch us build a fruit & veg patch to end all fruit & veg patches (fruit patch? Is that a thing? Well it is now). We want to create a sociable place for people from all corners of Nuthurst Parish (and beyond) to get together and grow organic (but most importantly; delicious) produce in a sustainable way. None of your artificial fertilisers, insecticides or weedkillers. We want as wide a variety of veg as we possibly can, in order to create high insect diversity and healthy soil…..with lots of worms in it. Yum.
  • Humber Avenue Community Allotments
    • Humber Avenue Community Allotments is a community interest company run by allotment holders for and on behalf of other allotmenteers from the broader community of Worthing.
  • Adur & Worthing Councils – Allotments
  • Horsham District Council – Allotments
  • Chichester City Council – Allotments
  • Rustington Parish Council – Allotments
  • Crawley Borough Council – Allotments
  • Littlehampton Town Council – Allotments
  • Mid Sussex District Council – Allotments