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About us

Carers Support West Sussex is an independent charity supporting some of the 89,000 family and friend carers living in West Sussex.

Carers Support West Sussex is governed by a Board of Trustees, made up of elected professionals and carers or former carers who volunteer their time.

Here we post the latest news from Carers Support West Sussex as well as blogs from our staff, Trustees, volunteers, carers and other guest bloggers.

We recognise that carers, staff, volunteers and partners with different backgrounds, skills, attitudes and experiences can help to shape how our organisation works by contributing fresh ideas, valuable insights and new perceptions.

Our vision, values and strategic aims have been shaped by the experiences of local carers. The plans, policies and procedures that support our aims can be viewed on this page.

Family and friend carers can help prevent neglect, abuse or harm. Carers Support is working in partnership to prevent neglect, abuse or harm.