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NHS Colleagues as Carers

Are you providing care to a family member or friend? According to Carers UK, 1 in 7 of your colleagues is likely providing care to someone who is older, disabled, or seriously ill. This caregiving role may classify you as a carer.

Support for NHS Colleagues

At Carers Support West Sussex, we empathize with the challenges of balancing a demanding job and the responsibilities of caregiving. Your caregiving role may trigger numerous questions: How do I manage my priorities? Will my manager understand if I need more time off for my cared-for person’s doctor’s appointment? This ongoing internal struggle can result in anxiety and stress.

Our aim is to assist you in your caregiving journey, helping you avoid becoming one of the 1 in 6 individuals who leave their jobs or reduce their hours due to caregiving responsibilities.

What Support is Available?

You will be pleased to hear, that as a family and friend Carer, there is a lot of support available to you, so you are not alone in this. We have developed a dedicated offer for NHS employees, called ‘Colleagues as Carers’. Through this offer, you can access personalised support to suit your caring role in the shape of:


We will also work with the wider Hospital trust staff network, to increase awareness and therefore identification of working Carers, such as yourself. The insight gained in the wider organisation means greater recognition of the stresses and strains that can come with balancing multiple responsibilities and therefore creating a supportive working environment for Carers.

All NHS staff employed within the hospitals supported by Carers Support West Sussex we cover:

  • Princess Royal Hospital Haywards Heath
  • Kleinwort Community Hospital
  • Brighton Royal Sussex County hospital
  • East Surrey Hospital Redhill Surrey
  • Crawley Community Hospital
  • Horsham Community Hospitals
  • Worthing General Hospital Worthing
  • Salvington Lodge Community Hospital
  • Zachary Murton Community Hospital
  • St Richards Hospital Chichester
  • Arundel Community hospital
  • Donald Wilson House
  • Bognor War Memorial Community Hospitals

To access Colleagues as Carers, please first click here to register as a Carer with us. Once you are registered, a wellbeing worker will contact you to establish which services are applicable to your caring role. From this point, you can decide how you would like to proceed.

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Are You a Carer from Outside of West Sussex?

If you are a carer living outside West Sussex, you will be welcomed to attend the online Carer groups for Carers employed by the NHS and can access support from one of our equivalents in other counties. You can find more information using their websites:

Neighbouring Carer Support Organisations

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