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Impact Report 2022

A Message from our CEO

sonia-mangan-sq During 2021/22 our team of staff and volunteers worked with carers as part of an in-depth carer engagement review to develop our new strategy.Our crystal-clear vision is to bring the day forward when unpaid carers are seen, heard, and included. Using the six core aims: Be connected, Be the early offer, Be present in the community, Be partners, Be the experts in carers and Be consistent and creative, this report highlights the impact we, as a charity, have already forged in the first year.

As always, I am humbled by the dedication and passion of our staff, volunteers, and partners we work with. I can sense the enthusiasm to support carers at every corner, which is truly inspiring. This energy leaves me in no doubt, that we are doing our level best to support family and friend carers in West Sussex.

Sonia Mangan, CEO

This map indicates the number of carers registered with Carers Support in each district.

General impact highlights


More than 32,000 carers are registered with Carers Support West Sussex and during the year we worked directly with at least 25% (7,707) of those carers often working on two or more issues.


We kept more than 14,000 registered carers informed about flu and COVID-19 vaccination programmes.


Six out of ten of our staff and volunteer team are themselves carers.

4.9% carers
engaged with are from
ethnic minority groups,
an increase of 1% on last year.


We rolled out a new project, Making Carers Count, with partners across Sussex and Carers Trust to increase the depth of working with these groups over the next couple of years

We have helped carers to stay connected meeting them where they are on their carer journey

Our target is to provide direct support for at least 4,000 carers every year and during the year we supported 7,707.

Our volunteer Digital Champions helped 57 carers become more digitally-connected.

The Young Adult Carer Service received 65 new registrations.

The volunteer Check in and Chat telephone befriending service provided 26,330 minutes helping 66 carers feel more socially connected.

Carer contact

We found that carers are supporting family and friends with a variety of issues. The breakdown of our direct carer contacts included:


People with long-term health conditions


People with dementia


Parent carers supporting their children (all ages)


People with physical conditions


Young adult carers


Older people and/or people with frailty


People with a mental health condition


People with learning disability


Autistic adults


People with drug and/or alcohol issues

532 carers

connected with,
and received
from us.

Oh yes counselling has helped! I was going round and round in my life. I have lots of friends to talk to but it’s been important to have someone from outside who doesn’t know me. It’s been life changing. My counsellor has been amazing.

Catherine, who received support from the counselling team.

We are the early offer for carers

I found talking to a wellbeing worker reassuring and knowing there was help for me if I needed it made me feel better and not alone. All the information has been valuable and has reassured me and put my mind at rest.

Alex, who received support from the carer response line.

We aim to be the early offer for carers and this year we registered 4,222 new carers which is an 11% increase in number of carers registered.

Our response team provides an initial point of contact for carers via phone, email, and an online chat service. It supports carers when they need help. 35,021 incoming and outgoing calls were made. 25,438 emails were exchanged, and 255 carers used the online chat facility.


800full statutory, and 1,604 light-touch, carer assessments were completed – to gauge how caring is affecting carers’ lives.


1,034 carers were supported to be more independent through the provision of £68,932 in grants for small equipment.


575 Carer Emergency Contact Cards, which combine a carer contingency plan, and offers and discounts for carers, were distributed to registered carers from July 2021 onwards.

Since having the card I’ve been more confident to leave my husband for short periods of time, such as going to the shops or a quick coffee with a friend.

Michelle, who has the Carer Emergency Contact Card.

We are experts in working with carers who are the experts in caring

We are experts in working with carers who are the experts in caring To listen and include the expert knowledge from carers, the Carers’ Voice Network was revisited. This network provides a platform for carers keen to voice their opinions about a range of carer topics and currently hosts 20 members who have so far helped with…

  • Carers’ Week Carers’ Rights’ Day
  • Being part of interview panels for carer facing roles
  • Sharing a case study for a Government White Paper on Social Care Reform (working with Carers UK)
  • Meeting with the local MP to discuss the impact of the bill for carers within their constituency
  • Sharing carer story case studies as part of Carer Awareness Training
  • Sharing stories for local media
  • Taking part in short online polls to form part of commissioned carer reports
  • Helping with the One Big Day Event held in April 2022
  • Co-designing ‘Be the Voice’ Training


Provided £521,000 in wellbeing and hardship grants to 1,702 unique carers. 95% of carers say the funds have helped them feel less anxious or stressed about their caring situation; and 94% say they have helped improve their health and wellbeing.


Managed a Carer Welfare Benefits’ Service, funded by WSCC, since March 2021, advising on £1,406,954 in additional annual income for carers, supporting 737 carers.


We gave 6,870 carers a £50 supermarket voucher to help with essentials during a time of rising costs..

I was given time to explain my situation and difficulties, given various options and scenarios and advised about reductions and benefits which my parents are entitled to which I will definitely pursue.

Penny, who received information from our Carer Benefit Adviser.

We are consistent and creative in everything we do


95% of carers stated the hardship grant helped them feel less anxious about their financial situation.


Grant funding, We achieved over £590k to pilot new projects, partnerships and services during the year.


Volunteers have contributed an incredible 223,840 minutes of volunteering which is +30% contribution compared to 2020/21.

Carer contact

To strengthen our support of carers wherever they are on their journey we have introduced the Carer’s Star. Together we explore areas of a carer’s life which may be affected by their caring role and create a personal plan with actions established to help achieve their goal.

  • 68 staff trained to use the Carer’s Star with carers
  • 2 ‘Intro to coaching’ sessions with 39 attendees
  • 13 carers identified to receive 1:1 coaching supporty

Marcomms stats


New website visits


Social media posts


Carers emails sent


Carers’ Events 24 Carers’ Week events and 6 Carers’ Rights Day events

We are present in the community


569 carers have been supported to be better connected through accessing online carer groups. This connection enabled carers to connect with others in the caring community at a time when face to face events were not possible.


The hospital team supported 1,031 carers with hospital discharge and ongoing referrals.


We have raised the awareness of carers with NHS colleagues through the delivery of 42 carer awareness training sessions, facilitated both on site and remotely.


10 carers accessed our new culturally empathic and/or linguistically appropriate counselling service. Each carer was matched with a counsellor with appropriate skills and experience to support the carers’ diverse needs.

The group I attend is very helpful. I like to be with people who seem to be dealing with the same sorts of problems as myself. It makes me feel less isolated.

Sunita, who attends an online support group

We have worked in
partnership with others


We currently collaborate with 229 partner organisations to deliver the support carers need.


Worked with WSCC Young Carer Team and Sussex Clubs for Young People. Collaboratively delivering term-time weekly young carer groups and 12 holiday activities across five areas of West Sussex.

We have raised the awareness of carers with NHS colleagues through the delivery of 42 carer awareness training sessions, facilitated both on site and remotely.

The 2021/22
Stay Well This Winter campaign was funded by Sussex CCG and run with partners Care for the Carers, Amaze, and The Carers Centre Brighton & Hove. The campaign resulted in increases of +12% in carer registrations, +48% in carer re-engagement, and +10% increase in professional referrals. stay well 83% of carers took positive vaccination action because of the campaign.

Service on your doorstep

This moment in history for Carers Support West Sussex witnessed many changes, not least as a result of the post-pandemic world.

Another change was the decision to progress the organisation into one of a locality-based service. What does ‘locality based’ mean? The intention is to deliver a well networked and supportive approach for each carer in the

city/town or village in which they live. It is about having a richer and deeper presence within each district of West Sussex, providing local solutions to family and friend carers. The aim of this community-centred approach is to stimulate local partnerships with various stakeholders, coupled with working towards our vision of bringing the day forward when unpaid carers are seen, heard and included, at a local level.

This map indicates the number of carers registered with Carers Support in each district.