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Here we post the latest news from Carers Support West Sussex as well as blogs from our staff, Trustees, volunteers, carers and other guest bloggers.  If you think you’d like to write a blog for us, email

July 2016

From the heart and from the head

I do believe that we let carers down. So often when carers are involved in supporting the person they care for, the NHS and social care system professionals do not offer our single number. Surely the receptionist, booking clerk, nurse, therapist, social worker or doctor could just ask if a carer has all the help they need and give that carer our leaflet. I know those people are so busy themselves and that this gets missed or overlooked. It makes me see how much a carer is taken for granted.

Proud to be part of Carers Support West Sussex

I think, sometimes, it can be hard for us to communicate things that are going on at board level which will almost certainly impact on the services we provide to carers and our staff.

Reaching carers through technology shouldn’t be robotic

I heard someone describe sifting through the internet recently like “being on page one million of the worst book ever written”, and to a certain extent, I agree. But I think technology does far more good than evil and the ways we can communicate with each other have never been as large, as sophisticated or as easy.

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