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Covid-19 Vaccination Programme | West Sussex


You may be aware of media coverage of a national expectation that all residents in care homes for older people will be given the vaccination by the end of next week.

As a programme, this is something that we have been working towards and a large amount of work has taken place to make sure residents receive their vaccine as quickly as possible.

Residents and staff in care homes for older people are in the top priority group and across Sussex the vaccinations are predominantly being delivered through the GP-led vaccination services. The remainder are being served by Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust vaccination teams.

Delivery of vaccinations is dependent largely on the readiness of the local vaccination service and the vaccine supply and availability.

We are working in partnership with care homes and plan to have vaccinated all care homes with residents over 65 years old before the end of January, with all care homes vaccinated by mid-February. We are confirming details to each home individually as the programme is rolled out.

Due to the large number of care homes for older people across our local area, the planning and implementation of getting the vaccination out to them has been complex and we recognise there has been a certain amount of frustration from some care homes that the vaccination has not reached them quickly enough.

While we are making progress, we are conscious of the need to get the vaccination to as many care homes as possible as quickly as possible and this remains our constant focus as we roll-out the programme.

Pennie Ford

Lead for the Vaccination Programme Care Homes Workstream and Executive Managing Director of West Sussex CCG