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Update on Sussex COVID--19 vaccination

It's fantastic news that the NHS is able to have started delivering a safe, effective vaccine.

This is the biggest immunisation programme in NHS history – and we are delighted to see the progress across Sussex to protect local people. The NHS started vaccinating two weeks ago in our first hospital hub at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, and last week the NHS started the first vaccine services in the community led by GP practices.

In Sussex there are now eleven GP led sites – each supported by a GP practice or a number of GP practices working together. It is a phased roll out with more GP led sites going live over the coming weeks.

It will take time, but as more sites are approved, we’ll be able to get more GP led sites up and running, as well as hospital bubs. And, in time, we’ll be able to deliver it in care homes and in people’s own homes if they aren’t able to get to a vaccination centre.

This has been an incredible effort from GP practice teams all over Sussex and credit to them for all of their hard work, whilst they continue to provide day to day care for their patients.

The GP led sites are starting with the most vulnerable – people over the age of 80 – and we hope to have vaccinated people in the most vulnerable groups by the spring.

People are being contacted when it is your turn for the vaccine so please be patient.

The NHS will contact you when it is your turn to receive the vaccine. You will be contacted by the first NHS service that is able to offer you a vaccination.

And now that we have a vaccine, it does not mean that we can let our guard down.

It is just as important as ever that we all continue to wash our hands, cover our face and give each other space.