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Making Carers Count

Developing support for Ethnic Minority Carer Communities across Sussex. The Sussex Carers Partnership is a collective of three Network Partners, who have worked together for many years on several pan-Sussex activities. As part of this Partnership, we are supporting ethnically diverse carers pan-Sussex

Comments from Carers

"I’ve had a very difficult caring situation and have not known who to turn to. I am not fluent in English, so rely on my children to help me make phone calls. However, as you speak the same language as me, it has been very helpful for me to speak to you directly and explain everything that is happening. The information you have shared with me in my own language has enabled me to understand how processes work and I can think about what support I would like to accept."

Female carer of Pakistani background aged 42 and looking after husband with mental health issues Translated from Urdu to English

Carers UK estimate that there are around half a million Carers from ethnically diverse backgrounds, and together they save the state £7.9 billion a year, with the unpaid care they provide

The aim of the Making Carers Count partnership is to deliver support and services to carers from diverse communities. To overcome potential barriers, making support easily accessible. Whilst parallels can be drawn between most carers we support regardless of ethnic background, we know there are some distinct challenges within certain diverse carer communities.

The pandemic has further amplified some of the issues that carers from such communities were already facing. Ethnically diverse carers from non-White or not British backgrounds are now:

  • More likely to be impacted by the closure of local services
  • More likely to state that the services in their area did not meet their needs
  • More anxious about their current financial situation more likely to be struggling to make ends meet.

Useful Resources for Professionals

Download our ‘Do you look after someone who needs your help? A4 Poster. Available in 13 languages.

Click on the language required to view/download the translated poster.

Arabic | English | Farsi | Gujarati | Polish | Portuguese | Simplified Chinese (used in mainland China) | Traditional Chinese (used in Macau, Hong Kong & Taiwan) | Spanish | Tamil | Turkish | Ukrainian | Urdu

Easy Read Version of Our Registration Form

Easy Read is a written format that makes information accessible and easy to understand for adults with a learning disability.

Please email completed forms to your local carers support organisation.

Directory of Contacts for Local Support

We have listed services pan-Sussex that specifically support individuals from ethnically diverse communities. This information is intended for signposting purposes, and this is not an exhaustive list of services available and will be continually updated with new information.

We therefore encourage you as staff, volunteers, network partners and carer to recommend services you may be aware of for inclusion by our Carer Engagement Team at

Carer Awareness Training

Working with our Sussex Carers Reference Group, we are designing a Carer Awareness Training module that focuses on identify and supporting carers from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

The co-designed course with carers aims to provide valuable insights and foster a greater understanding of the experience and needs of carers from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Course Details:

Title: Raising Awareness of Ethnically Diverse Carers

Duration: 60 – 90 minutes

Format: Online, self-paced

Access: Available anytime, anywhere

To register your place, please sign up here 

Comments from Carers

“Some Asian parents do not speak English, so the language barrier is a real issue, and their children are expected to look after them. People are living longer and while you may have a big extended family in India and never feel alone, here, you may be alone and older with your own health issues, so it is harder to care and to also then hold down a job”.

Kavita, carer for her 94-year-old father-in-law.

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