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Volunteer story: Craig

Craig Lawrence, End of Life and Cancer Support

Craig has been volunteering with Carers Support West Sussex since March 2019 and support carers with telephone calls as well as supporting the bereavement workshops that were piloted in 2021.

Craig talks about how he started volunteering with Carers Support West Sussex:

Why did you get involved with Carers Support?

“Reflecting back on the difficult times my family had as carers of someone with cancer, I knew there was a huge need to support carers. I saw that Carers Support West Sussex (CSWS) had the tools and resources to help carers, and that’s why I decided to volunteer and join the Cancer Carer Wellbeing Team.”

How do you Volunteer?

Calls to carers

“The team identify carers who could benefit from one-on-one support and I make contact with these carers for regular follow up calls. Carers appreciate having someone who they can talk to about the stresses of being a carer and about the roller coaster ride of being a carer for someone with cancer. “

Bereavement Workshops

"During the work with cancer carers an unmet need was identified to provide support during bereavement, and for the past year I have helped facilitate monthly bereavement workshops. I am so impressed with CSWS' quick response to this important need, and I am so pleased that I could expand my volunteer role to help out with these workshops."

What do you get back from volunteering?

My most positive experience whilst volunteering has been hearing the voice on the other end of the line - either through words or tone - move from despair to hope. The phone calls have helped carers recharge a bit and feel more empowered, so that they can return in a better frame of mind to their caring role.

Would you recommend volunteering with Carers Support?

“I would recommend volunteering with CSWS as you will be surrounded by incredibly talented, committed, warm and generous people who are making a difference in the lives of many carers in our communities.”

Feedback from a Carer

As described above Craig gets satisfaction from his volunteering and also the carers he supports appreciates his calls, as one has commented below:

“I am grateful that you introduced me to Craig, who is a huge support to me and talking with him helps me so much through the tough times ... and the good. I love to share our positive news with him too! Thank you so much for everything and especially for the introduction to Craig.”

To find out more about volunteering with carers support please view our available volunteering opportunities here.