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How does being a young carer affect education?

One of our young adult carers has been kind enough to share his experience of how being a young carer affected his education.

I can say from personal experience that becoming a young carer had a definite impact on my education. My mother started to have problems when I was around the age of 7 and from then on I had to help out with in any way I could, and this did start to have an effect on my studies. There would be nights where I had to do chores around the house or simply help my mother with day-to-day activities, and this took time away from doing homework.

Not able to attend after school clubs

I was unable to attend events like after school revision as my stepdad had to go to work so I would head home as soon as school would finish to help look after my mum. As a result, I did miss out on essential help I would have otherwise received if my mother was fit and well. Now this isn’t something I blame my mother for and in no way would I ever hold this against her, but I am one of many children across the UK and the world who do miss out on essential education.

Time away from study

A survey of 300 young carers aged 16-24 discovered that 73% took time out of their learning in order to care for a family member, while a third of the participants skipped school most weeks. This is the stark reality of young carers having to miss education in order to care for someone.

Luckily enough I have been able to go through my studies successfully and achieve the grades to study at university level, but not all students in the same position have been so lucky. This is why I feel that more has to be done to make sure that nobody is missing out on essential education.

What can you do as a young adult carer?

To find out about the support available to you as a young adult carers, contact the Shine team at Carers Support today. The friendly team will be able to offer you help and support on your educational journey.